NYPD Identify Suspect Who Stabbed Newlywed Chosson in Crown Heights


JP Updates reports: The man who stabbed a 25-year-old chosson in the back on Wednesday in broad daylight in the heart of the Jewish neighborhood in Crown Heights has been identified, and detectives from the hate crimes task force unit are actively searching for him now, two NYPD officials with knowledge of the investigation told JP.

The man is strongly considered a person of interest, one official told JP. He has a criminal history with law enforcement, and detectives are hunting for him “as we speak,” one official said.

Yehuda Leib Brikman was walking in front of 644 Empire Boulevard when he was stabbed by a man Yehuda believed to be the suspect. After the attack, Yehuda walked into a nearby check cashing center where he was treated for a stab wound in his upper back.

JP reports that the identify of the suspect was revealed after a police officer from the 71st Precinct recognized the suspect from a photo that was sent to all police officers on new department phones, a second official said. The officer had given a summons for the suspect a couple of weeks ago and pieced together that he was being wanted for the stabbing, the second official added.

The knife used in the stabbing was recovered Thursday morning at Lefferts Boulevard and Albany Avenue by a Crown Heights resident who turned it over to Crown Heights Shomrim. Read more at JP Updates.




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