NYPD Bans Civilians From Recording Video Inside Precincts


Civilians seeking to video record their encounters with cops inside NYPD precincts should hit pause — the practice could land them in cuffs.

A day after a civilian posted video of himself launching into a vulgar tirade against a 28th Precinct sergeant inside the Upper Manhattan station house, the department issued new guidelines directing cops to arrest those who won’t stop recording.

Anyone videotaping inside these facilities will first be asked to stop recording, according to the memo, released on Wednesday and citing a recent update to the department’s patrol guide. If a person won’t stop recording, they will be asked to leave — and those who still refuse can be arrested, the document states.

However, recording police activity in public spots — streets, parks and private property — is a First Amendment right, the memo reminds officers. Read more at the NY Post.



  1. So much for transparency.
    Slowly but surely our freedoms are being taken away from us.
    So they can spy on us but we can’t spy on them. Are they better than us? Are they from a superior race?

  2. So now they can say you said or did something and you don’t have any proof your word against theirs-and who do people usually believe one person or a group who can conspiritise to all say the same thing.

    • It is a police state and the common lowlife officer knows that. They can intimidate & threaten any taxpayer without the slightest concern of ever getting caught or prosecuted.


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