NYPD Asks Misaskim to Help Clean Up Gruesome Crime Scene in Brooklyn


nypd-misaskimBrooklyn, NY – The gruesome murder of a mother and her four children in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park section left a crime scene that most seasoned police officers said they would not long forget. The carnage left police officials with the quandary of cleaning up the home where the atrocities were committed. So the NYPD called an organization it had previously observed when it involved Jewish victims: Misaskim.

After checking with its rabbinic board, as they always do in such circumstances, Misaskim volunteers were dispatched to the scene to do what they are unfortunately too well accustomed in doing, to clean up the aftermath of a vicious crime. For Misaskim, it meant maintaining an excellent working relationship with police officials, which is part of Misaskim’s ongoing preparedness effort so that it could respond to any eventuality.

The murderer Chen Mingdong was covered in blood when he was arrested by police. The five murders in the three-room home on 57th Street, where the children and their parents enjoyed a seemingly ordinary life, the police said, stood out for their brutality and magnitude. It was “not something that has been seen before in recent memory,” said John J. McCarthy, the Police Department’s chief spokesman. Chief Banks said the scene was one that was seared into memory. He called the crime an “unspeakable act” visited upon a “normal family.”

With extra sensitivity to the surviving family members before they returned to their apartment, Police officials reached out to Misaskim to help clean up the family’s home, the scene of this gruesome tragedy. They expressed their gratitude to Misaskim volunteers who went about their task in a professional manner, making a huge Kiddush Hashem and maintaining their excellent relationship with the NYPD.

{Gavriel Sitrit-Matzav.com Newscenter}


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