NY/NJ Ice Alert


ice-stormIn the last 2 hours, the NY/NJ communities have been blanketed by a complete sheet of ice. Numerous patients from the community are currently sitting in local emergency rooms after slipping on the ice.  

As of this time, Hatzalah has many ambulances out due to these ice emergencies.

We urge any residents, specifically the elderly and/or handicapped, not to go out of their homes unless they are required to do so.

We hope that this will pass in the next several hours but in the interim we need to do everything possible to stay safe.

{Achiezer/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. I live in Lakewood but for some reason receive the Achiezer emails. Kol hakovod for being on top of every community need that comes up.In Far Rockaway and elsewhere.


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