NYC Yiddish Hygiene Signs: Remember Asher Yotzar


asher-yotzar-smallWith increasing awareness about washing hands to prevent the spread of infection, especially with the contagiousness of the H1N1 virus, New York City has published signs calling for better hygiene. The ads have been published in Yiddish as well for the Jewish population of the City who speak Yiddish – and, in a surprising move to some, the sign actually reminds people to say Asher Yotzar as well.

 The ad, called “Vash Dee Hent,” can be seen below:


{Dovid Newscenter}


  1. I am truly jealous of the zchusim of a most special yid, R’ Shimshon Halperin, for putting Asher yotzar “on the map”.
    Ashrei Chelko!

  2. The “Asher Yotzar” is the most fantastic of all berochos. When I tell goyim that we say a blessing when exiting the bathroom, they think I am meshuge. It is only when I explain the depth of this berocho that they sit up and they are amazed.


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