NYC Website To Track Snow Plow Service Contains Inaccurate Info


A city website to keep track of snow plow service is a blizzard of inaccurate information, a peeved councilman charged Sunday, the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS reports.

Queens Councilman Rory Lancman drove the streets of Fresh Meadows, Hillcrest and Kew Gardens Hills as snow fell overnight, comparing conditions to what was reported on the PlowNYC site. Data showed that neighborhood streets had been recently plowed, but Lancman said there was no way that was accurate.

“The streets clearly hadn’t been touched in many, many hours,” said Lancman (D-Queens), who said the same glitch happened during last year’s massive blizzard. “Clearly, there hasn’t been any progress made since last year’s failures. If PlowNYC can’t get it right with a minor snowfall like this, it suggests some serious problems coming when we have a real snowstorm later in the season.”

He called for a City Council hearing on the issue. Read more at the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS.


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