NYC: Unvaccinated Children May Not Attend Yeshivos



  1. This is a terrible Chanuka Gzeira against Tinokos Shel Bais Rabbo.
    Do we need Maccabim to stand up and say Mi LaShem Ailiy to fight against this gzeira.
    Today its ‘measles outbreak’ tomorrow it may chv”sh be Toaiva education or not enough secular hours or some other made-up issue such as discrimination. Who knows? We need to be so careful.

    • “similar to Nazis” That’s a new one! Or actually a very old one…anytime someone disagrees with you they must be a Nazi. In fact those chanukah jelly doughnuts must be Nazis too, because they keep getting nasty white powder all over my clothes.

  2. In my own hometown, a rabbi kicked out a family for not vaccinating their children, and a school board kicked out 5 students because the parents refused to update their children’s vaccinations especially for the MMR. This is sinas chinam. If we want the Geulah, we have to stop this hatred and bullying of Jews who believe vaccinations can injure and r’l may kill their children. If people are so sure of their safety, why do they care if anti-vaxxers refuse to vaccinate? Herd immunity is garbage, made up by Big Pharma, AMA, and the CDC.

    Terrible story about a man who became paralyzed from the flu shot:

    Guillain-Barré Syndrome, or GBS, has also been reported in patients who received the whooping cough (pertussis) vaccine, Gardasil (HPV), and M-M-R II injections, to name a few.

    In March of 2015: School officials said of the 524 students at Monterey Park, 99.5 percent are vaccinated, including the four students who have been diagnosed.:

    • Vaiter with the Sinas Chinom nonsense. You tune people out from clicking on your baloney by losing them with your opening remarks that show a lack of understanding of reality and is just pompous pontification.

    • More people get killed by automobile accidents. In fact, according to the Department of Transportation, around 40,000 HEALTHY people died from cars in 2016.


      That’s how ludicrous your argument sounds.

  3. I am in my 60’s. Every kid got measles, mumps chicken pox. We all survived. I am not an anti-vaxxer BUT these things are NOT w/o risk. I will not get a flu shot because of the risk/reward

    • Obviously you and your friends survived. Whoever didn’t survive didn’t have a chance to become your friend. And whoever got brain encephalitis got institutionalized, so they didn’t become your friends either. And whoever got sterile because of mumps, was just another tragic statistic for you.

  4. While i follow my rabbonim who say we should vaccinate, i don’t think getting the Board of Health involved is a good thing. They are not out for our best interests.

  5. And yet, not one person has answered the most logical question asked throughout all these weeks. Here it is again:
    If vaccinating is so good, why do adults who got the double vaccinations as children contract measles today? Either the vaccinations are garbage or one has to keep vaccinating every few years as long as you live to keep your immunity live.

    Smart parents let their young children contract the measles and then have a lifelong immunity.

    • Dear 6:14, your premise is completely wrong: 1)Two doses of MMR vaccine produces a lifetime immunity of 97% for the entire population, which includes those with immunological diseases, i.e. two doses as a child produces a lifetime immunity of 99% in a healthy population. 2)There is no such thing as vaccinating every few years for the contemporary MMR vaccine – there’s a lifetime immunity, no booster shots are recommended by CDC. 3)One can still get measles another time even after contracting measles previously. So, you don’t get significantly better immunity from measles than from MMR vaccine. 4)99.9% of new measles cases are among the unvaccinated crowd. 5)Why do I care, and don’t just let you receive your Darwin award? Because you are still my brother and I can’t allow you to hurt yourself, also you can infect pre 12 months old babies who are too young for vaccinations and cancer patients with low immunity.

  6. Who’s the NYC Health Dept to meddle into PRIVATE YESHIVOS? They should take care of their violent public schools and leave us alone. None of their dirty business.

    • I once had to enter the public school on Bedford Ave and Quentin. There were signs with all kinds of options for contraception. All free of charge, of course. We, the taxpayers sponsor such despicable disgusting behavior. So, yes, the last thing you want is for ANY government agency poking their stinking nose into our PRIVATE Schools.

  7. There is a single reason why warning labels were attached to food and drugs – litigation. It’s not the doctors or the health department that has screwed up society, it’s the lawyers and the greedy drug companies. Doctors that fight back against the system are considered in disrepute by their own medical societies and are ostracized or minimized. Litigation is the only reason this argument is even an argument.

  8. this is a blood libel of the highest degree.
    healthy unvaccinated children are NOT a threat to society
    parents of unvaccinated children are very responsible
    if their child was exposed to measles they would keep their child home and away from society!!!
    and if their child gets chicken pox they will do the same thing.
    what is everyone so worried about?
    where is all this hysteria coming from?
    i really cant comprehend for the life of me what everyone is so afraid of?
    the FLU is MUCH MUCH worse than measles. especially if you take tamiflu
    we see that thousands have gotten measles and the complication rate is one in a thousand or less.
    DOH and every other “description” said that measles has a 30% complication rate.
    Does everyone not realize that????
    HEALTHY children taking vitamin A will do JUST FINE having measles
    and then they are immune for life and get the cancer protecting qualities that measles offers – see NIH study on that
    2 stories that i heard about ppl that got measles:
    1 had terrible excema and after getting measles excema is GONE
    another person (bochur in his 20’s) got measles and said his head is so clear now – he never felt such clarity
    Measles is a detox – an amazing gift from Hashem
    if you would like to hear about the benefits of measles you can call
    Koil Beri’im Rabbi Hershel Meisels
    845-738-1999 or
    after ad press 1149#

  9. It’s amazing in 2018 the Charedei and their conspiracy theories. BOH is simply trying to stop the disease. Monsey and Lakewood did the exact the same thing and no one had a problem with this.

    If you do not want to vaccinate then you cannot send your kid to Yeshiva. What is so hard to understand? You endanger those who for real medical reasons or low immune systems cannot get that shot.

    Once the epidemic is over and BOH feels it safe then you can come back. Simple as that.

  10. oh and one more thing
    just about Herd Immunity
    Herd immunity is when a community is 90% (depending on the disease the percentage can be different) immune
    the difference between vaccinated and immune is the following:
    example: measles
    according to State Health Facts
    16% of the population is over 65
    if you are over 65 you got measles and are immune for life
    24% of the population is 0-18. if they are vaccinated or had measles they are currently immune (97% of them or lower that a little because under 12 months are not vaccinated)
    60% of the population is ages 19-64 – this is the problem age because many of the people vaccinated do not have immunity anymore. the vaccine does not usually give lifelong immunity but i will generous and say that lets say 1/2 still have immunity
    so we have:
    30% ages 19-64 immune
    the full 16% of over age 65 immune
    and being generous again i will give 0-18 20% immunity even though that number is probably lower
    our total immunity is 66% AT BEST
    i do believe it is lower than that closer to 50% but even if it is 66%
    that would not be strong enough for herd immunity
    as we see from this outbreak, it was brought in by a fully vaccinated 26 year old
    and many in their 20’s – fully vaccinated – contracted it
    i personally know of a fully vaccinated 9 year old that contracted it too

    Lets go to another scenario now
    lets imagine we did not vaccinated for measles at all and all adults over age 18 were immune for life after having caught measles as a child
    you then have 76% immunity and when a child contracts measles you don’t have to worry about the elderly or the newborns because babies have immunity from the mother (IF THE MOTHER HAD THE MEASLES!!!!)
    you see Hashem created the world perfectly

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