NYC Train Driver Fell Asleep


metro-north-train-driverThe driver of the Metro-North train that derailed Sunday had fallen asleep moments before going around a dangerous curve that required the train to be slowed down to 30 mph, investigators told DNA Info today.  

William Rockefeller, a veteran engineer with an unblemished record, allegedly dozed off for a few fateful moments, and awoke as the train sped around the curve, too late to slow down.

Sources also said Rockefeller took drug and alcohol tests, and neither were believed to be a factor in the derailment. His cellphone records have also been subpoenaed. Four people were killed in the derailment and at least 60 more were injured. Read more at DNA Info.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. In the UK they have had for decades a device on all trains known as the ‘dead-man’s-wheel’ which automatically brings the train to a halt if the driver falls asleep (-or worse). Train-driving can after all be a very boring occupation! I am amazed that the USA doesn’t seem to have taken such precautions!


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