NYC To Roll Out Dedicated Parking Spots For Car Sharing Services


The city’s transportation chief rolled out plans Monday for the Big Apple to begin dedicating parking spaces both on-street and in city-owned lots for Zipcar and other car-share vehicles, THE NEW YORK POST reports.

Transportation Commissioner Polly Trottenberg told a City Council hearing that her agency will launch a two-year pilot program this spring aimed at boosting car-share services by dedicating 300 spots for the vehicles at city-owned parking facilities and 300 curbside on local streets.

“I know that some are skeptical of shifting on-street parking to car-share spaces — I will admit that I was to,” the commissioner said. “But after seeing the numbers on reduced car ownership and lessening demand on our curb space, I believe car share could be a good use of public space that will benefit everyone.”

Trottenberg said that although most city-owned parking facilities are in Manhattan she expects all five boroughs to get the spaces. She said no neighborhoods have yet to be selected but mentioned Park Slope, Astoria, Jamaica and Washington Heights as possibilities for the pilot project. THE NEW YORK POST




  1. Total farce. This is all part of the Bl$$mberg ideology of no more cars on this earth. Try to make the life of a vehicle owner as miserable as possible. This is meant as a beat down to us evil pollution causing earthlings. It’s the same reason they keep bringing up the taxing of the East River crossings. Vision zero. Red light cameras. Speed cameras. Muni meters. Alternate sides. Bike lanes. Cement islands. Etc… These elitists living in their ivory tower think that if they make it so expensive/difficult to operate a vehicle, we’ll just stop on the spot. We’ll give up. Who cares about commerce? Who cares about the taxpaying citizens? All deliveries, including construction, groceries, furniture, can be delivered by bicycle. No more of those evil ozone killing trucks. Sure, that makes a lot of sense. This is just another example of big government over reach. Don’t allow this to happen. This has to stop.
    Remember, the tolls on the Verazzano bridge were implemented ONLY to pay for its construction. They promised the taxpayers that it was only temporary. Once it was paid for, NO MORE TOLLS. In truth, WE are the idiots. We the people allow these crooks and gangsters to get away with stealing OUR money.


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