NYC to Get 3-5 Inches of Snow Over Shabbos


snowFresh off the recent pounding from Winter Storms Cleon and Dion, another round of nasty winter weather is poised to spread through the eastern third of the nation. The Weather Channel has named this system Winter Storm Electra.

Winter Storm Electra will begin to develop in the Midwest tonight into Friday and head for the Northeast this Shabbos, with more snow and some ice. Watches and advisories are already being issued for areas that will be affected by Electra.

Snow will spread into portions of the Northeast throughout the day and into the evening hours on Shabbos, including New York City, Hartford and Boston.

Farther south in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., mixed precipitation is more likely. These locations may rise above freezing later Shabbos, minimizing any impacts from any short-lived freezing rain.

Motzoei Shabbos into early Sunday will yield some pretty large snow totals from northern Pennsylvania into New York and New England. This includes Scranton, Pa., Albany, N.Y. and Concord, N.H.

Sunday, heavier snow will linger mainly early in the day over northern New England and possibly some parts of Upstate New York.

The exact track of the storm will also determine whether cities from coastal Southern New England to New York City eventually see the snow change to sleet, freezing rain or rain. Either way, at least some accumulating snow is likely. The current forecast is for about 3 to 5 inches of snow in New York City. More at

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