NYC to End Solitary for Jailed Teens


de-blasioIn a memo from Jails Commissioner Joseph Ponte to Mayor Bill de Blasio, the commissioner detailed plans to end the longstanding practice of solitary confinement for 16 and 17-year-olds for breaking rules.

NYC, which has the nation’s second largest jail system, was the target of a tough Department of Justice review that accused the system of using the method too often on teens. In one 21-month period, about 150 teens a month received solitary, which led to a total at 143,823 days of isolation combined. Every day, there is an average of 50 teens in isolation. Read more at AP.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. This DeBlasio/Bratton team is even worse than Obama/Holder. They are insane. This will only encourage more “teens” to commit more crimes. These idiots are making it harder for police & easier for criminals. We’re finished.

  2. These extremist radical left-wingers are always on the side of the law breakers.

    Go figure: The law makers are making things easier for the law breakers!

    That’s classic leftism.


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