NYC Street Co-Named After Mariano Rivera


riveraNew York Yankees legend Mariano Rivera is receiving another honor: a city street named after him. Rivera retired from baseball at the end of this past season.

The AP reports that the City Council voted Tuesday to co-name one block of River Avenue in the Bronx after him. The block is right outside Yankee Stadium.

Traditionally, the AP reports, a city street can only be co-named after someone who is deceased. But exceptions can be made. Rivera spent his entire 19-year career with the Yankees. He is Major League Baseball’s all-time leader in saves and won five World Series championships. He is widely considered the best closer in the sport’s history, the AP reports.

{ Newscenter}


  1. The article should mention that the honor is at least as much about his personality and character than his athletic achievements. We all have a lot to learn from him – he was the greatest in his role of all time, but is a mentch, very humble, never boasted, always praised his teammates, did hos job without theatrics, has been faithfully married to one woman and is a loyal family man, does charity work, etc. etc. Most of us ordinary people cannot appreciate the nisyonos that come with wealth and prestige, and it is no coincidence that so many celebrities live such messed up lives or have done really dumb things (A-Rod). Mariano is very special and deserves a lot of respect.

  2. A baseball “closer” is just like a “kicker” in football. They are overrated “players” who just finish up after the all the hard work was done by others! Wow, a “closer” comes in, gets out 1 batter, he gets a “save” & he is suddenly the greatest thing since sliced bread! This is just an overall problem with todays society.

  3. Dear Broken Record, I agree with you 100%. Because just about anyone according to you could have done what overrated Mariano did. Why don’t you become the Yankee closer. I am sure you will exceed his records.


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