NYC Special Sanitation Pesach Collections and Biur Chometz Info


rabbi-gluck-pesach-infoThis year, in advance of Pesach, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and John J. Doherty, Commissioner of the Dept. of Sanitation, have extended full cooperation to ensure the continuance of a tradition started 44 years ago by Rabbi Edgar Gluck of Community Board 12, has learned.

Rabbi Gluck, together with Alan Dubrow, Chairman of Community Board 12, and Wolf Sender, District Manager of Community Board 12, met with officials from the sanitation, fire and the police departments, along with community organizations, to devise a plan for this year’s pre-Pesach cleanup.

Because of regulations regarding Freon gas and floral carbons, it will be necessary to observe the following:

Before putting out refrigerators, air conditioners or dehumidifiers for collection, you must call 311 or go to the sanitation website, at, to make an appointment to remove the Freon. This appointment should be made a week before your regular recycling day. No refrigerator, air conditioner or dehumidifier will be picked up if you do not call beforehand. This call is necessary in order for the Freon gas to be removed from these items prior to collection. Doors must be removed from refrigerators.

All bulk items can be put out for collection beginning Tuesday, March 16, up to and including Sunday, March 28. If a bulk has 50% or more metal, such as carriages or strollers, refrigerators, stoves, bed springs, etc., the items must be put out for recycling. These items will be collected by the recycling truck on your regular recycling days. Other items such as rugs, carpets, bookcases, desks, chairs, etc., are considered regular bulk and will be picked up on your regular collection days.

No bulk will be picked up after Sunday, March 28.


 Garbage and recycling will be collected as normally scheduled.

On Monday, March 29, the entire Community Board 12 District will get one collection. Both household and recycling will be picked up. Note that all items, including recycling, must be placed out for collection by midnight Monday morning in order to ensure that all of your garbage and debris are picked up before Yom Tov. All collections will be completed by noon on Monday, March 29.


 Newspapers must be either tied up or placed in clear plastic bags. Metal and plastic are to be placed in either blue or clear plastic bags that are securely tied. All cardboard boxes must be crushed and tied. Bags must be side by side and placed by the curb.

All bulk items should be placed at the curb as well. Doors on refrigerators should be removed.  Fluorescent light bulbs must be wrapped and tied in order to prevent breakage.

Try to leave driveways clear so that the sanitation men can retrieve bulk and/or garbage quickly and efficiently.

Do not double park cars. It is difficult to lift bulk items over cars.

At all times, regular garbage must be separated from recyclables and put out in a proper fashion.


Biur Chometz will take place on Monday, March 29. All burning must be completed by 11:45 a.m. For the safety of the community, the fire department will strictly enforce the 11:45 a.m. curfew. There will be no exceptions.

Warning: Only 10 pieces of chometz should be used for the burning. If anything more is observed by the fire department, they will immediately put out the fire. This will be strictly enforced.

People in charge of setting the fires either in front of a home or shul are hereby notified that the fires are to be small and controlled so that the fire department is not called to respond to an out-of-control fire. Do not burn chometz enclosed in silver wrap.

Larger bags of chometz should be placed at the curb in plastic bags. This will eliminate the need to retrieve and wash out garbage cans. Your cooperation will expedite the pickup.

All fires for bread burning must be supervised by a mature, responsible adult. Do not park cars near or on smoldering embers.

Hatzolah Volunteer Ambulance Corp. also advises that no paint thinners, aerosol cans, sprays, lighter fluid or any other flammable liquids should be used to ignite the fire. These items have caused accidents and are extremely dangerous.

Water, fire extinguishers and/or sand should be readily available at the site of the fire.

For your family’s safety, it is recommended by the fire department to change the batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon dioxide alarms.

Sanitation will resume regular garbage and recycling collections on Tuesday, March 30.

{Dovid Newscenter}


  1. There are many Shomer Shabbos frum Yidden in community board 13. What are we? chopped liver?
    Why can’t we have a collection.

    We used to have it. They stopped last year.

    (I guess I’ll have to drop off my chometz in Boro Park inmiddle of 13th Avenue in middle of the night after bedika!)

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