NYC: Police Bullets Hit Bystanders, and Questions Rise Yet Again


times-square-nycNew York City – It began as just another bizarre scene in the Times Square area, a disoriented man lurching amid traffic, seemingly throwing himself into the path of oncoming cars.

The police arrived and the crowd grew. The hulking man continued on, ignoring the officers’ commands while eluding capture. Then the man reached into his pants pocket, withdrawing his hand as if it were a gun, the police said, and pretended to shoot at some of the officers.

Two officers opened fire, discharging a total of three bullets. They missed the man, but struck two women nearby, including one who had been leaning against her walker; the bullet wound to her leg sent her tumbling to the ground. Other officers rushed toward the suspect; a sergeant used a Taser on the man, and he was quickly subdued.

The shooting on Saturday night immediately raised questions about the police’s use of deadly force, especially in a crowded area where bystanders were in the line of fire. On Sunday, police officials, including the commissioner, Raymond W. Kelly, refused to say if the shooting appeared justified, saying that the circumstances were being investigated.

Read more at THE NEW YORK TIMES.

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  1. We need a police force;
    We need police officers;
    We need police officers doing their job;
    We need police officers unaffraid to do their job;
    We need police to be respected.

    Its unfortunate that bystanders got hurt. Very unfortunate. Let’s think for a moment: if the lunatic had really pulled a gun, and began shooting, thankfully the cops were there shooting, and would have stopped him quite soon.

    Now let’s think if the “progressives” (progressive apes?) had their way: the lunny begins shooting. Many many people are injured and killed. There is no one arround to stop the shooter/murderer, as the cops may not shoot in public areas (or they may not even have be carrying guns…).

    One more point. Now, cold-blooded murderers/lunnies don’t choose to shoot in times square. They know that the cops there are unafraid and will shoot them up imidiatly. They choose to go to schools, universaties and movie theaters. If the libs had their way, and disarm the cops, you can sure bet that the cold-blooded lunatics/murderers would choose times square.

  2. I see NY’s “Finest” has learn’t NOTHING, since gunning down Gidione Bush in cold blood in the heart of Boro Park!

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