NYC Mayor De Blasio Takes Biden To Task For Laguardia Comments


de-blasioFellow Democrats generally look the other way at Vice President Biden’s gaffes. But insulting New York’s LaGuardia Airport? That was a snub too far for the city’s new mayor.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said Friday that the veep’s comments — describing the airport as “third-world” — were not Biden’s “finest moment.”

The Democratic mayor said that while the airport certainly needs an upgrade, the vice president’s remarks were “inappropriate.”

He was responding to a speech Biden made Thursday in Philadelphia. Trying to make a point about America’s ailing infrastructure, Biden compared modern airports like the one in Hong Kong with New York’s oft-maligned LaGuardia.

“If I took you and blindfolded you and took you to LaGuardia Airport in New York, you must think, ‘I must be in some third-world country,'” Biden said. “I’m not joking.'”

De Blasio conceded on Friday that the airport needs work but praised the hard work of the people employed there. It’s managed by the bistate agency known as the Port Authority.

The mayor said he respects Biden — but is also a proud New Yorker. He said Biden’s approach was “not the right way to talk about it.”

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  1. oh please! La Guardia is horrible airport! Newyorkers get touchy when they criticize their city. New york is a dump full of graffiti nasty people expensive with police in the ever desire to give you tickets…..the only thing the New York has is people that think New York is the only please you can make it in life….

    Most New Yorkers can’t even adapt to a more civilize way of living, some believe that of there is no ambulances and cars beeping and 3 Am with traffic jams…then it is because “there is nothing going on here”…LOL

  2. Biden poses a great danger to the American people. He should be out of the public eye. Too bad Obama didn’t throw him out during his 2nd run for President.

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