NYC Gets 14th Snowstorm


snow-carsOh, enough already. After causing thundersnow in Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana, yet another winter storm moved from the Midwest to the Northeast this morning and hit New York, Boston, and Philadelphia.

The good news: After this storm blows through, there looks to be a reprieve. The next six days are supposed to be in the 40s in New York.

Read more at The Weather Channel.

{Andy Newscenter}

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  1. Oh, Baruch Hashem! I think everyone’s so sick & tired already of this long, long winter. I can’t wait for some pleasant weather already!

  2. Why print such a low article? Instead of focusing on HKB”H Beautiful creation and the wonder of snow, you print articles like a dumb Goy! I expected better from Matzav.

  3. What a silly article…and almost apikorsis. Snow is more important than rain to benefit society. And you would think that Hashem would need your permission to ask you if you are fed up or not in order to bring shefa into the world. I guess we are so busy being “comfortable”, that we actually don’t know when a real blessing is upon us. Shame on us.

  4. Maybe instead of krechtzing, you should all take out Rabbi Avigdor Miller’s tapes where he explains why snow is so important….instead of making sure life is continuously up to “your” speed…and leaving HKBH totally out of the picture.
    There are alot of “it’s not so comfortable” areas in the course of our lives….live with it and learn from it or it will live IN YOU and you’ll stay the same ignorant ppl you are.

  5. All this snow must be caused by “global warming” because the polar ice caps are melting! HA!!

    And these scientists think they run the world…..

  6. #2, Oh, Baruch Hashem! I think everyone’s so sick & tired already of this long, long winter.

    May I question your use of the phrase, “Boruch Hashem”?
    Are you aware that its the same “Baruch Hashem” who is making you so sick and tired of this long winter?


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