NYC Determined To Make Residents Forget 2010 Storm Response Blunder


snow-carsNew York – New York City’s Sanitation Department, determined to fix the blizzard blunders of last winter, revealed a new plan Wednesday about snow removal and restoring confidence.

After badly botching last December’s blizzard response, the city sanitation commissioner promised his department is re-tooled and ready for the next one.

“We’re gong to have to get back and prove to them that one little slip is not the way we are going to operate in the future,” Commissioner John Doherty told reporters, including CBS 2′s Dave Carlin.

Despite the plan, New Yorkers who remember vehicles abandoned, patients stranded and top city leaders missing in action are not easily convinced.

“I’m not sure if they’re ready right now,” said Tatiana Popovitchenko.
“You’re bound to think that the same thing is going to happen again,” said Asena May of Brooklyn.

Previous blizzard blunders resulted in new city snow and blizzard plans – one for each borough.

After taking heat for last year, Doherty laid out cold hard facts of the new snow plan – one that includes more chains for vehicles, more GPS Technology in sanitation trucks and a pool of on-call day laborers.

“Of course a plan is only as good as our ability to put it in action,” Doherty said.

Better communication is in the plan, with a high level, first conference call required 24-48 hours before a forecasted snow storm of 6 inches or more. The city will have 29 reporting stations that will provide hourly updates from the field.
A new emergency declaration, called a “Hazardous Weather Advisory,” will try and keep the public home and off the roads.

Commissioner Doherty said the public should remember what he called “stellar” responses to Hurricane Irene and the surprise October snowstorm.

{CBS 2/ Newscenter}



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