NYC Comptroller John C. Liu Endorses Joe Lazar


lazar-liuCity Comptroller John C. Liu endorsed Joe Lazar today in the Special Election for Brooklyn’s 44th Councilmanic District. Comptroller Liu praised Joe Lazar for his fiscal expertise and integrity.

“We need leaders in the City Council who will represent the concerns and interests of the community during this economic downturn. For many years this community has been well represented and the tradition must continue. And Joe Lazar is the best person for the job,” said Liu. “Joe shares my commitment to ensuring that in this time of such fiscal austerity, government must be more resilient – and creative – to rise to the challenge of doing so much more with so much less. With his budget experience, Joe will know where to find the waste in City government and how best to save resources for New York City taxpayers. I look forward to working closely with Joe as my colleague in government to serve our community with integrity and pride.” “I am deeply honored to receive the endorsement of our great City Comptroller, John Liu,” said Joe Lazar. “John’s historic victory confirms for me the great opportunities this City affords to immigrants who work and live in our neighborhoods and those just arriving to the City. The people of New York City put their trust in Comptroller Liu last November to lead us through these challenging times. I am proud that John believes I will be a strong ally in the fight to protect our community’s essential services.”

“For many years, I have had the privilege of working with immigrants and new Americans and witnessed firsthand what can be accomplished when we work together with our common interests and values,” Lazar continued. “I, like the Comptroller, believe that education is a key to our children’s success, which is why I have supported bi-lingual education and ESL programs to help immigrant children and adults get on the right track to attaining their American dream. I look forward to working with John to strengthening these programs in the City Council.”

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. Simcha Felder (who Joe Lazar is running for his council seat) is John C. Liu’s assistant comptroller.

    So if John C. Liu endorsed Lazar, it must be at the behest and with the blessing of Simcha Felder — even though he doesn’t want to get directly involved in endorsements.


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