NYC Closes Williamsburg Talmud Torah For Refusing Disclose Vaccination Records


The city shuttered a Williamsburg child care center located within the measles outbreak zone Monday for failing to turn over medical and attendance records.

According to the city’s Health Department, the United Talmudical Academy on Ross Street refused to disclose records that could show whether it was excluding children and staff with measles from its child care program.

As part of the health emergency declared last week, Mayor de Blasio declared that any school that allows unvaccinated students and staff to attend could be fined and closed down. The city has issued violations to 23 yeshivas and day care programs for not complying with the order.

Since a health emergency was less than a week ago, the Health Department has identified 44 additional measles cases, bringing the total number of cases since October to 329.

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  1. Force the Health Dept to explain why ONLY vaccinated people are getting the measles when they’re supposed to be immune for life after injecting the dangerous vaccinations, unlike children who are immune for life after measles?

    In the meantime, the UTA, a private school, can be taught elsewhere. They have no right meddling in private schools and forcing unlawful vaccination. President Trump banned mandatory vaccination in January.

  2. Re-packaged ANTI ANTISEMITISM

    Let’s leave the Vaccination debate on the side.
    Can anyone explain why the only places in the USA where there’s a clampdown is Williamsburg and Rockland County?

    There are other plenty other Cities in the US with measles outbreaks!!
    Texas, Illinois, Washington State…

    I saw this coming!
    Next they can shut down 20 schools this week.

    unbiased Health Dept that we have!

  3. again with the SHEKER that the vaccinations are dangerous!
    Why aren’t the Hospitals FLOODED with people that DID GET vaccination?

    • Who said they’re not? Did you check it out? You may be shocked to check it out!
      People are afraid to actually honestly research. It may affect their ego!
      For so many years they were vaccinating! SWEARING by the vaccines and they may find out that they were wrong or made a mistake. This can deeply affect their ego or self esteem. I think if everyone puts aside their personal feelings and truthfully and honestly and unbiasedly begins researching…. You may be surprised to find out on which side of the fence you find yourself! Good luck on your research.

      Hashem should give everyone clarity and SCHNELL! Amen

  4. Big government intruding into private citizens live’s. I guess the laws of HIPAA don’t apply under Kommandant DeBlasio! Everyones private medical records are now open to the public. Good bye freedoms. Good bye America. Welcome to Somalia.

  5. I am a vaxxer, and I am upset that some vociferous acheinu bnei Yisroel see things differently than I do. But I’m just wondering… how does the health department handle the HIV positive plus chevra when they arrive in hospitals????? Oh.. i guess they’re not Orthodox Jewish, so they don’t pose a threat.

    • HIV is NOT transmitted thru droplets as is the case with measles. I work in a hospital. If a patient comes in with a suspected case of HIV, all necessary precautions are taken. But, it is not nearly as contagious as measles which can be spread by merely being in the same room as an infected person, even as long as TWO hours after the infected person leaves the room. Not everything is a conspiracy against the Orthodox Jews.

  6. “excluding children and staff with measles from its child care program.” Of course no one with measles is going to school!! Neither teachers nor students. s They stay home until they are back to normal.

    Did you mean to say that a person who is not vaccinated has the measles???? Absolute FALSE. A non vaccinated person does not have the measles. A sick person with the measles as the measles and no one else

    • Raboisai do some research.

      Let’s look at this scenario. Lemashel someone sees a rash, fever… and realizes, OOPS, I may have the measles!

      What does he do?

      Goes into bed and waits for it to pass, He isn’t spreading it.

      Now, scenario 2. The child goes to the doctor before school. Makes the doctor proud by getting the MMR Vaccine.
      From the doctors office she goes to school.

      What happens now?

      The kid is carrying the live vaccine in her, She may even get the measles without even knowing it, because the vaccine just takes away the symptoms of the virus but the virus can actually be in her body.

      Does she to stay in bed?

      Absolutely NOT! Because she doesn’t even dream she is spreading the measles.

      Now do you understand why There are so many more measles cases this year than any other year?
      Because the CDC and the DOH decides back in DECEMBER that this year they want to go on a MMR rampage. So, all the many children were vaccinated. This gives the potential of more MMR Spread.

      So, you judge! Who is actually spreading the measles???


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