NYC Blizzard Warning Cancelled As Snow, Sleet Continues


The National Weather Service has cancelled its blizzard warning for New York City as snow and sleet continues to fall across the Tri-State area, CBS NEW YORK reports.

A winter weather advisory is now in effect for the city, Hudson and northern Nassau counties until 8 p.m. The new forecast calls for between 4 to 8 inches in New York City. The storm was expected to dump a foot or more of snow on the New York City area with wind gusts of up to 55 mph.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said at a news conference today that the storm ended up shifting west, meaning there is less snowfall in the city and Long Island and more in the Hudson Valley and the western part of the state. The heaviest snowfall is still expected through the afternoon, with snowfall rates as high as 2 to 4 inches per hour. The snow will change to sleet, then rain by midday. It will change back to all snow before ending in the evening. Read more at CBS NEW YORK.




  1. See, I told you that DeBlasio was lying. He only created this crises so you dummies should be distracted from his ongoing corruption case.

  2. There has to be a certain amount of accountability anyone knows whenever it is me tioned that sleet or rain might enter the picture the whole thing is a bust every single time!
    However all the stations are busy promulgating the “blizzard ” so tgat tge rating go up and charge more for advertising. So many shops and bussinesses have closed due to these forecasts people lose money
    Why is there no accountability?!

    • Because as you state, the media plays on the gullible people’s fears. Fear and “crises” is what sells. Never let a crises go to waste. It’s the same thing by unzera, with the shidduch crises or age-gap crises or getting into Yeshiva/Seminary crises, vichidoma. All made up nonsense that is intended for a couple of chevra to cash in on peoples gullibility.


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