NYC Become First Major City To Allow Free Calls From Jail


 New York is now providing free phone calls from jails, making it the first major U.S. city to eliminate fees for inmate calls, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Wednesday.

The Democratic mayor said the city has fully implemented the law passed by the City Council last August.

“For too long have people in custody faced barriers to basic aspects of everyday life,” de Blasio said. “With free phone calls, we’re eliminating one of those barriers and ensuring that people in custody have the opportunity to remain connected to their lawyers, families and support networks that are so crucial to re-entry into one’s community.”

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  1. That’s great. Law abiding citizens have to pay for phone usage, but criminals get free phones. Yup, makes sense.

    • And law abiding citizens have to pay for criminal’s phone usage. Our taxes are paying for it. Typical De Blasio, the merciful of criminals.


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