NYC Adds 200 Miles of Bike Lanes in 3 Years


nyc-bike-laneMore than 200 miles of bike lanes have been added to New York City streets in the last three years, and officials plan to carve out still more space for cyclists. Officials celebrated the 200-mile mark yesterday in the Bronx. A 2006 study found 225 cyclists were killed and nearly 3,500 hurt by cars in the city between 1996 and 2003. In response, the city pledged to expand its network of bike lanes on streets from 220 miles to 420 by this year.

The expansion includes a seven-block stretch of Manhattan’s Ninth Avenue where a paved buffer zone and a lane of parked cars separate bikes from motor vehicles.

The city aims to have 1,800 miles of bikes lanes on streets, in parks and along paths by 2030. Plans call for adding 50 miles’ worth each year.

{Cyclist Enthusiast/ Newscenter}


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