NY Woman Ticketed For Driving With Mannequin to Use HOV Lane


mannequinThe sunglasses on a cloudy day might have been the tipoff. A Mount Sinai, NY, woman faces a $135 traffic fine for using a mannequin as her plus-one in the high-occupancy lane of the Long Island Expressway.

An alert sheriff’s deputy in Suffolk County became suspicious when he saw the “passenger” wearing sunglasses and using the visor. The only problem: The sky was overcast.

When he stopped the vehicle, he found the mannequin, fully dressed with a long dark wig, blazer, shirt and scarf.

The 61-year-old driver left with a summons.

{1010 WINS/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. She got off very easy. She would have gotten the same ticket if she didn’t have the mannequin. So it cost her nothing to cheat all this time — and get away with numerous tickets all the times she used it in the past. If she had a mannequin, it is obvious she used it often perhaps twice daily.

    She has every reason to continue using it — all she risks is another ticket, no different than if she didn’t cheat this way.


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