NY Times Reporter Slammed After Criticizing The White House For Letting 11-Year-Old Mow The Lawn


A former New York Times labor reporter has been slammed on social media for a snarky tweet hitting the White House for letting an 11-year-old boy mow the Rose Garden lawn last week.

“Not sending a great signal on child labor, minimum wage & occupational safety >> Trump White House lets a 10-year-old volunteer mow its lawn,” Steven Greenhouse tweeted.

The Daily Wire website slammed Greenhouse’s tweet as the “dumbest” ever posted on Twitter.

“The sanctimonious and humorless finger-wagging of nanny state progressivism in one tweet,” conservative commentator and journalist Bill Kristol tweeted. Read more at Fox News.





  1. Marc your were on the mark 3 days ago:
    “Now the left will blame the President for childhood labor, failure to give him employment benefits, failure to hire union workers, EPA violations for mower exhaust fumes, and, the worst two offenses of all – preferentially giving the job to a white male!!”

  2. Thanks, but I am sure that everyone is to the Right of Left saw something like this coming.
    The real question is – do the leftist fools really believe their own words, or will they say absolutely anything to disparage the President, even if it exposes their stupidity?
    It’s probably an academic question, since the answer is inclusive of both options, and the Left’s blind hatred won’t allow it to appreciate the idiocy of its current position.

  3. Interesting to watch how they never had a bad word about Obama and they never have a good one about trump at least they areconsistent


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