NY Times: Iran Secretly Developed Long Range Missiles


According to a bombshell NY Times report, Iran has been hiding a secret missile development center where top scientists worked on creating long range missiles.

Such a program would not violate the international deal intended to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon, or any other formal agreement. Still, if completed, it could threaten Europe and potentially the United States. And if Iran is found to be conducting long-range missile work, that would increase tensions between Tehran and the United States. Read more.




  1. This doesn’t take a (pardon the pun) rocket scientist to figure out: long-range missiles (aka ICBMs) have only one purpose: to deliver ballistic payloads (in other words, nuclear bombs). One has no need for the missiles unless one fully has the intent of developing the bombs. Duh! Trump is right on this one. Worst deal ever negotiated. John Kerry is the Neville Chamberlain of our time.


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