NY Times: In Democratic Stronghold of NYC, Trump Finds Support Among Orthodox Jews


William Neuman reports for the New York Times that in the blue sea of New York City, where Hillary Clinton crushed Donald J. Trump in the election on Tuesday, there were still some districts — working-class areas in the southeast Bronx, Mr. Trump’s childhood neighborhood in Jamaica Estates, Queens, and most of Staten Island — that did not go Mrs. Clinton’s way.

But of all the outlying pockets of Trump supporters in New York, perhaps the most distinct lay six miles south of the Clinton campaign headquarters: the Orthodox Jewish community of Borough Park, a neighborhood in Brooklyn that would seem to have little in common with Middle America, where Mr. Trump drew most of his support.

The vast majority of voters in the neighborhood are registered Democrats, but they often vote Republican, and this year was no different. In Brooklyn’s 48th Assembly District, which encompasses most of Borough Park, Mr. Trump got 69 percent of the vote, while Mrs. Clinton got 27 percent.

Borough Park has consistently voted for the Republican candidate in recent presidential elections, even more so than this year. Mitt Romney got 75 percent of the vote in the 48th Assembly District in 2012, compared with 23 percent for the Democratic candidate, President Obama. In 2008, the Senator John McCain got 70 percent, versus 27 percent for Mr. Obama.

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  1. This report doesn’t make sense. It says they voted for the Republican “even more so this year”. Trump got 69 to Hillary’s 27. But the next sentence says, Romney 75 to Obama 23. McCain 70 to Obama 27. Huh? That means that this year is the least! How can the DNC controlled NY Times make such a false statement?

  2. Both of the Satmarim groups – Williamsburgh and Kiryat Yoel – voted heavily Democratic. In Williamsburgh, Clinton received a whopping 88 percent of the Hasidic vote according to exit polls. Similarly, in Kiryat Yoel, 86 percent of the vote went to Clinton.


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