NY Times Exit Poll: 71% of (Secular) Jews Voted for Clinton, 24% Backed Trump


71% of American Jews voted for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in Tuesday’s presidential election, while only 24% backed her Republican opponent Donald Trump, according to a New York Times exit poll.

If true, that means that Trump fared worse among Jews than Mitt Romney did in 2012 (30%). In 2008, John McCain got 22% of the Jewish vote.

In an interview with The Algemeiner last week, attorney David Friedman — a senior Trump adviser — predicted the Republican candidate would win more Jewish support than Romney and McCain.

Speaking with The Algemeiner on Monday, Malcolm Hoenlein — the executive vice president of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations — said that US Jews must get out and vote on Election Day if they want to continue to be heard by politicians on matters of concern to them.

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  1. Unfortunately the secular American Jews are very close to the threshold of no return, they no longer associate themselves with the greater Jewish nation, hence have no concern for Israel and Jewish survival. The question is where does the American FRUM community stand: what’s more important – a politician throwing a few dollars at us or the physical safety of the entire Am Yisroel? In other words, do WE associate ourselves with the greater Jewish nation? Whoever has no concept of the Jewish nation, has no business being an askan.

  2. why Secular Jews?
    Pleased ont tell me “religous” jews voted for the menuval Donald Trump, that would be the height of hypocrisy to pretend they care about morality then elect one of the most most thoroughly amoral candidates for PResident
    gave me a break

    • Caring about morality means foremost that you do all you can to prevent the candidate that will force immorality onto others. Whatever Trump does or doesn’t do in his private life faints in comparison to Hillary’s militant immorality agenda forced through the power of government. In other words: referring to Trump as “menuval” is a characterization of his strictly personal life; he doesn’t subscribe to the philosophy of changing the society’s standards to fit his deeds nor does he use the blunt force of the totalitarian state to impose immorality throughout the society – Hillary does. Not voting for Trump in a very close election is equivalent to voting for Hillary, is equivalent to voting for forcing immorality onto all. It is not our job to judge what others do or don’t do behind closed doors, but it is our duty to resist when a bunch of weirdos conspire to remake the society in their image. Stop listening to the main stream media and try to develop some critical thinking.


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