NY Sofer Finds Egregious Error in Mezuzah, Possibly Explaining Child’s Strange Behavior


A sofer in New York was shocked to find an error in a mezuzah brought to him by a concerned father, Matzav.com has learned.

The father explained to the sofer, Rabbi Sholom Kass, that he recently moved to Pomona, NY, and ever since settling in at his new home, his two year-old son had been acting very strangely. The usual playful and active child suddenly became reserved and was behaving strangely. There seemed to be no explanation for his conduct.

Concerned about this, the father decided to have the mezuzos of his home checked. He told Rabbi Kass that he had purchased the mezuzos from someone in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

Rabbi Kass, an expert sofer, carefully examined the mezuzos. In one mezuzah, on the 17th line, in the parsha of Vehaya, Rabbi Kass came across a blatant error. As can be seen in the photo above, instead of stating “ukeshartem osam le’os al yedchem (and you shall tie it as a sign on your hands), it says “ukesharten osam leos al beneichem” (and you shall tie it as a sign on your children).

Rabbi Kass brought this to the attention of the father, who was deeply grateful to the sofer.

{CB Frommer-Matzav.com}


  1. I am amazed at some of the above comments; as a former Hatzalah member, I personally was at 2 calls at the same home, one for a young boy, and the other for his grandfather. I insisted that they check the Mezuzos, as the calls were out-of-the-ordinary. After much hesitation, the family checked them. The words “VE’MAY VENEICHEM” (“The days of your children”) were touching and, thereby, posul.
    I know first-hand of a baby born with a hole in the heart, the Mezuza was checked and the word “Levovecha” (Your heart”) had a hole through it. The Mezuza was replaced and the hole disappeared. Confirmed fact.
    And I have others…

  2. There can be so many reasons for such behaviors in a child and other possible causes of such behavior, besides a possul mezuza, should be aggressively looked into for the sake of the child.

  3. I wish people would think before they talk. Let’s wait and see if the kid gets better but it is well founded that the oisios in a mezuzah can be Mashpia on the house. Don’t make yourselves sound foolish

    • Well founded? Somebody with the name litvak should be more thorough in there logical conclusions. And not belive every superstition that gets passed off as authentic .

  4. This strange behavior is happening because those houses were built in the early 60’s and he is breathing in all that lead paint. There might also be mold problems. It can also be because today’s kids would rather spend hours upon hours vegetating on their DS or cellphones instead of getting exercise. Nuch ah zach, whenever one moves from one place to another, it takes time to settle down and get used to his new surroundings.
    It has nothing to do with mizuzos.

    • Big Expert

      You call yourself ‘Big Expert’?!?!?!?!? You sound more learned than the most learned Rabbi. You should have posted your semicha too so we may take you seriously.

    • Wait so now its mandatory to belive lubuvaitch philosphy?? Maybe go after those who kiss the mezuzah. Go and see what halacha says about that!

  5. Famous incidents about mishaps connected with errors which ceased upon fixing it.
    I once heard an incident where there was some sort of pogrom etc but all the yidden were ok; the sefer torah had a mistake in parshas Shemos “vechol HABAYIS (vs habas) tichayun”


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