Audio: NY Radio Host Steve Malzberg Interviews Lipa


lipa[Audio below.] Yesterday, singer Lipa Schmelczer was interviewed by Steve Malzberg on WOR 710AM radio in New York. Steve played the newLeiby Forever song in full and asked Lipa about his goal in producing this song.

Steve  is a popular host of a show that precedes the Michael Savage Show on WOR.

Click here to listen to the interview with Lipa.

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. Wow!! What an amazing & extremely moving song!
    May Leiby, A”H be a true Meilitz Yosher for his entire family as well as for all of Klal Yisroel!! And may they know of NO MORE TZA’AR & ONLY OF BETTER & MUCH HAPPIER TIMES, AMEN!!

  2. I am touched and impressed by Steve Malzberg. He is the only talk show host that has devoted so much time and interest in this tragedy. Everyone else was busy talking about the debt ceiling. Steve, although not religious, has a very strong bond with the Orthodox Community, and that is very rare. Thank you Steve

  3. Eli, you are right. At the end of today’s show, he said, since it’s 20 years since the Crown Heights riots, his Friday show (tomorrow) will be about it. And he doesn’t have kind words to say for Sharpton or Dinkens.

  4. Terry, fyi, Steve Malzberg is ours! Perhaps we can bring him all the way to Avdus Haboray!
    It’s special that he has such Ahavas Yisroel even though our maachaneh needs a lot of self introspection!

  5. No – Steve is Jewish – Wearing a yalmuka is not what makes you Jewish – If you were born to a Jewish mother you are as Jewish as Moshe Rabainu

  6. Beautiful song; sure that Leiby, z’l, heard it on high.
    Steve Malzberg has an emmesse Yiddishe neshamah and wears his Jewishness proudly on the air.
    Kudos to Lipa for this beautiful and moving song.

  7. To all those who were wondering Steve is Jewish. he was married to a non Jewish woman and had a son. Currently he is divorced.

    During the interview, Lipa said he’s in school, anyone know for what?


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