NY Official Criticized For Suggesting Orthodox Jews Aren’t ‘Normal’


Peter Bradley, a Republican member of the Clarkstown Town Council in Rockland County, apologized on Nov. 12 and again the following day at a council meeting for the statements he made on Nov. 2, less than a week after the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting in which 11 worshippers were killed.

On Facebook, Bradley criticized New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo for visiting with Orthodox Chasidic Jewish community leaders.

“Normal Jews and non-Jews alike were grieving at the JCC while they were meeting ‘the guy with the checkbook,’” wrote Bradley, who has been accused of using negative rhetoric about Jewish residents.

During a Nov. 8 interview on Channel 12 News, Bradley said that when he spoke of “normal” Jews, he meant “mainstream” or Reform Jews outside Ramapo, which also has a growing Orthodox community.

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  1. With these type horrible people in office that promote hate it leads to violence. There should be a system for elected officials to be held to a higher standard of how the speak or what they post. As an elected official it pains me to see that there are people that get elected based on hate and continue to promote hate. A simple apology isn’t enough as he only apologized after his own followers called him out on it.

    • Disagree: swing a chicken, dress in black-in the summer, unvaccinated, on welfare, condemn newspapers and internet, blur images of women/girls in advertising, unable to speak English properly—naw nothing strange here.

      • “In all fairness” has already rebutted the other canards, but in your case there is more to say. The meeting included, for example, Satmar, who far from your “unvaccinated” canard are actually highly vaccinated and with some of the most modern medical facilities available.

  2. I agree. Some Chassidim act very weird. They lack common basic social skills when interacting with non Jews. I don’t necessary blame them. I blame their Parents and teachers. Part of living apart from the big world, which I understand, they want to protect themselves from the filth that the non torah world spews forth. But every now and then they do cross paths with the outside world and they find themselves unprepared. They should be taught how to interact without causing a Chillul Hashem. Good people.

    • I agree that they are not “normal” either… for what you consider “normal”. You me be an “educator”, but certainly not a Torah one. We aren’t supposed to be like other nations. We were given the Torah for the exact reason we aren’t like them.

      I may be considered “normal” in your book, but I envy the Chassidim you so eloquently speak of.

  3. To La mujer es bella.
    It is a free world. I have seen some other people doing some very weird things too. But, if its Orthodox Jews, then how dare they?
    Swinging a chicken? Ever seen a poor deer dripping with blood as it hangs at the back of a pick-up truck? I do not like seeing that at all…
    Dressing in black? Your clergy does that too. it’s way more decent than walking around half-naked like some others do. People have the choice to dress as they wish, color their hair purple or to tattoo themselves from head to toe. It is no one else’s business.
    Unvaccinated? Some do not immunize, (and are getting plenty of flak from their own) but the glaring majority do. And the “anti vaxx” hysteria originates from non-Jews. As a Brit, i am well aware of where it stems from.
    Welfare? Some do take, but many do not, including my family. How does that differ from other, unnamed, segments of the population?
    Newspapers and the internet? As you can see, many of us do have internet, if we feel responsible and mature enough to use it wisely. However, human beings have the right to protect themselves and their youngsters from depravity and utter filth if they wish to. I really wouldn’t want my kids to see the violence and immorality that is available at the click of a button. Personal choice should be respected. (As long as it’s not a Hassidic or Orthodox Jew who demands it…)
    Blurring pictures of women and girls in advertisements? Most of us do not bother. Why are you so bothered by other people’s extreme views? Are they insulting to you personally?
    And lastly, I am Hassidic, but I speak proper English and I use better grammar than you.
    The problem lies with individuals like yourself. Jew-haters who tolerate everyone and everything, as long as it isn’t connected with those Jewish-looking Jews…

  4. When will the Frum people wake up and realize that the Republican party is not very favorable towards Jews in general and Frum in particular? I’m not saying that the Democrats are most favorable but be alert and be smart and stop giving the Republicans the respect they don’t deserve because chances are they will come back to haunt us later.
    This website seems to adore President Trump as though everything that comes out of his mouth is as though it’s coming from some Gadol BaTorah. They want us to watch any Shtus that the Republican talk show hosts have to say as though they have our interests in their hearts.
    Remember President Nixon who during the Yom Kippur war and for many years after everyone hailed him as a good friend of the Jews only to find out recently that he actually hated the Jews.

    • The Republican party is actually no better than the Democrat, just a bit less violent. Otherwise, they’re equally corrupt politicians, no difference. On the other hand, President Trump is not a politician but he’s G-d fearing, a mentsch, honest and goodhearted which is why he was elected and is respected by all.


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