NY: Black Man Threatens to “Kill Everyone” in Jewish Stores


nypdA black man walked into 2 Jewish-owned stores on Kingston Avenue in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, and threatened to “kill everyone” at 10:30 AM on Tuesday.

An officer of the NYPD’s 71 Precinct responded to the call and took a complaint.

“We are treating it as terroristic threats and notifying the anti-terrorism unit for investigation,” Detective Vincent Martinos told COLlive.com.

He added, “it appears to be an isolated incident with maybe somebody who has emotional issues. However, in today’s atmosphere, we are not taking any chances.”

The NYPD asked Crown Heights Jewish residents, home to Lubavitch Headquarters and a large Chabad community, to be vigilant and report any suspicious behavior of people they encounter.

Martinos did specify that “it is important to note that we have no direct threat to our community at this time.”





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