NY Appeals Court: Infants, Preschoolers Must Get Flu Shot


New York City’s requirement that infants and preschoolers in city-regulated child care or school-based programs must get yearly flu shots was upheld by the state’s highest court, the AP reports.

The Court of Appeals said that the city’s Department of Health had the authority to require the shots, a rule the city first enacted in 2013 during Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration.

The AP reports that a group of mothers filed a lawsuit in 2015, saying officials had overstepped their authority in requiring the annual vaccinations for children between the ages of 6 months and 5 years. In its unanimous ruling, the court said the “promulgation of the flu vaccine falls squarely within the powers specifically delegated to the department.”



  1. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention admits that 88% of people getting the flu shot, get the flu. The question is whether it is in spite of the shot, or because of the shot?

    In the first 5 weeks of 2018 a 5-year-old girl from NEW YORK HAS BECOME THE 4TH CHILD IN THE CITY TO DIE FROM FLU SHOT complications in recent weeks.

    • This is a flat-out 100% lie. Unlike this troll’s other lies which are relatively harmless, this time he trying to harm you or c”v worse. Go to the actual CDC website for the truth, hoax-busting site snopes for the source of this hoax as well as sourced proof that it’s a hoax, or speak to your doctor. Don’t c”v endanger yourselves or your families by listening to hoaxers who are trying to harm you with false medical information.

      This troll is wont to accuse everyone of lying while he tells the truth. Note that here, as is always the case, his claims are unsubstantiated and have no proof whatsoever, while those who debunk his lies provide many, many sources for everything they say.

  2. Communist Russia all over again. Dictatorship at its worst. Who the hell gives the government permission to FORCE medical decisions on taxpaying citizens?! America was built on freedom. Forced immunizations is NOT freedom of choice.

  3. No one has to have a child vaccinated; the child just cannot attend these programs without the shot. The other parents sending their children are taxpayers too, and are entitled to reduce their children’s risk of exposure to disease.

    • Incorrect. It is MANDATORY to attend public school in NYC. Did you ever hear of Compulsory Education Laws?

      • Excellent observation! While educational settings may not be mandatory for infants and VERY young children, pretty soon after that though, when the still young child is reaches a certain age, there CERTAINLY ARE already placed on him mandatory formal education requirements. This occurs not only in New York City but throughout the entire country and in most other modern countries.

        Furthermore, while day-care services for infants and preschool & nursery school programs for VERY young children may not be outright actually “mandatory,” they still form a VERY major part of contemporary life. With women taking professional careers with full time jobs, that obviously takes up some of the time that is needed for a family. They themselves often express that it is a whole job in itself of “juggling” the duties of heavy employment with the duties of taking care of a family. While a woman will take off from her job “maternity leave” to give birth to each child, after that, she will resume her job, and during her working hours, she will need a setup to take care of her newborn child and her other young children. So the availability of day-care centers and nursery & preschool programs ARE CRUCIAL for her!

        So, yes, day-care & nursery school & preschool are not “mandatory” by government rule; however, they ARE virtually “mandatory” by contemporary family-working-mother needs.

    • When a person receives a vaccination, he is injected with a horrendous amount of the dangerous germs that make the terrible disease, along with a significant amount of harmful substances like mercury and formaldehyde (which are put in the serum as “stabilizers” and “preservatives”). The idea of injecting him with the disease’s germs is that the bad germs being inside of him will trigger his body to produce the antibodies to those germs. With the antibodies now newly formed inside of him, they will not only destroy the bad germs that came in with the injection, they will always be there as a “guard” and a “shield” to “protect him”: in case he is ever again exposed to that disease’s germs, the antibodies to those germs will already be there ward off those bad germs, and thus he will never get the disease.

      HOWEVER, this whole process (of his body being triggered and then producing all the needed antibodies and then the antibodies killing off the injected germs) TAKES A GOOD AMOUNT OF TIME!! How long is that “time”??? It is hard to know, and each person is different!! It could be several hours or several days or even several weeks!!

      But in that period DURING that time (until his antibodies are created and kill off the injected germs) — in other words, during that time UNTIL his body fully “stabilizes” itself from the heavy challenge of the vaccination injection — he is walking around with all these very dangerous germs and poison chemicals!!!!!!!!!!!! In other words, YES, a person who just got vaccinated, is actually MUCH MORE DANGEROUS than a person who had no vaccination!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. if those who got the flu shot are now immune to the strands included, what risk do they have of being exposed to non vaccinated people?
    Like all NYC acts, this is to benefit a few people on the expense of the public.

    • To Mr. “Frank”:

      You pointed out a very, VERY excellent observation. Yes, according to the Holy Axiom of vaccinations, when a person receives a vaccination, he is now “vaccinated,” he is now “inoculated,” he is now “protected.” Through the awesome miracle of Holy, Holy, Modern Medicine, he now has in him an Ultra-High-Tech “Shield” that will instantly ward off any exposure that he may in the future have to that disease.

      OK, so as he is now so very well “shielded” and “protected,” WHAT DOES IT MATTER TO HIM what is out there??????? WHAT DOES IT MATTER TO HIM if there is a guy out there who did not want the shot??????? If he is now so very well “shielded” and “protected,” HOW IN THE WORLD could that guy EVEN BEGIN to hurt him???????

      The answer to this that the vaccination promoters give, that in order for the vaccination to “really” work, there must be “herd immunity,” which means that, EVERYONE, without exception, must get the shot, is TOTAL NONSENSE!!!!!!!!!! It is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!! All that it really is, is an OPEN ADMISSION that the vaccinations do not “really” work!!

      Furthermore, the shocking facts are that when there are outbreaks of the diseases (e.g. measles, whopping cough, etc.), very often, it is the people WHO HAD, HAD THE VACCINATION for it who are getting the disease!!

      All of this glaringly shows that vaccinations do not work, and that all of their promise of being a shield and giving protection is simply a wishful myth, an outright lie, and a gigantic hoax.

  5. Just because it doesn’t fit with your agenda and getting the flu shot is the only information you can get on Fake News, doesn’t mean he’s a troll. Read Real News and you’ll be in for a big surprise. I personally know several people who were sick in bed for 2-3 weeks after receiving the flu shot. So don’t be so quick in slandering those families who are adamantly against it.

    • Finally someone who sees the truth!!!!!!
      Two of the world’s top researchers, Doctors Lee Harvey Oswald and Osama bin Laden, proved conclusively that all vaccinations are nothing but poison and biological warfare experiments, conducted by the government in cahoots with all media outlets, all doctors, the AMA, the CDC and the OMG. In order to prevent this invaluable, irrefutable evidence from gaining credence, the government made up some wild stories about Dr. Oswald and Dr. bin Laden, including doctored photos that made the look like crazy people. Only through the indefatigable efforts of smart truth-seekers like you can the truth finally come out. More to say, but gotta run before the black helicopters triangulate my position.

  6. There is no compulsory education law for 6 month old babies. This article is referring to children for under 6. Additionally mercury has not been used in vaccines for years. As others have pointed out, the only science linking vaccines to autism came from a man whose research was never replicated and he was later discredited when it’s found out that he received a substantial sum of money for publishing this inaccurate research. Anyone is able to make the choice to not vaccinate their child, but then it puts those children who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons at risk. If you choose to do that keep your child home. You can either work and send your child to a licensed daycare, or you can listen to junk science and refuse to vaccinate your child. You should not be allowed to do both.

  7. Don’t believe the antivax hoaxers. As required by the Torah and common sense follow the good advice of the vast majority of doctors and ignore the single agenda anti vaxers that are very happy to lie and try to convince us with fake claims.

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