Nuclear Button To Hit US Is On My Desk, Kim Jong Un Warns


Kim Jong Un used his New Year message to warn the US that he has a “nuclear button” on his desk that is always in reach.


He reiterated that North Korea has developed the capability to strike all of the US mainland with its nuclear weapons, and claimed this meant that America would never be able to start a war against the country. Read more here.



  1. Bill Clinton gave the nuke technology to North Korea, while Obama allowed them to expand it. All the useful fools should be proud of their DemocRatic votes.

  2. He might want to check his candle collection. North Korea will be ever reduced to rubble if they ever try anything in this world.

    Any guess who is our King? Its scary. I think to hope he will keep the world safe. Cute threat. He must like ours. (button). We have much ready to go.



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