NSA Panel Member Recommends Increased Data Collection


michael-morellMichael Morell, the former acting director of the CIA and a member of President Obama’s task force on surveillance, said in an interview on Sunday that a controversial telephone data-collection program conducted by the National Security Agency should be expanded to include emails. He also said the program, far from being unnecessary, could prevent the next 9/11.

Morell, seeking to correct any misperception that the presidential panel had called for a radical curtailment of NSA programs, said he is in favor of restarting a program that the NSA discontinued in 2011 that involved the collection of “meta-data” for internet communications. That program only gets a brief mention in a footnote on page 97 of the task-force report, “Liberty and Security in A Changing World.” “I would argue actually that the email data is probably more valuable than the telephony data,” Morell told National Journal in a telephone interview. “You can bet that the last thing a smart terrorist is going to do right now is call someone in the United States.”

Morell also said that while he agreed with the report’s conclusion that the telephone data program, conducted under Section 215 of the Patriot Act, made “only a modest contribution to the nation’s security” so far, it should be continued under the new safeguards recommended by the panel. “I would argue that what effectiveness we have seen to date is totally irrelevant to how effective it might be in the future,” he said. “This program, 215, has the ability to stop the next 9/11 and if you added emails in there it would make it even more effective. Had it been in place in 2000 and 2001, I think that probably 9/11 would not have happened.”


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  1. There was an elephant in the room, and it is still there: the flight school owners/operators failed to appreciate that their (Arab/Moslem) clients only wanted to learn how to fly the plane, not how to take off and land! If I recall correctly. someone even mentioned a bit about this to an FBI gent, who failed to pursue the issue. Nobody noticed that these “Moslems” drank iiquor, went to bars, went with strange women…
    Americans don’t care!
    Most Americans are still not interested in anything beyond front-page drivel, or the equivalent in magazines, radio, tv, movies…..
    Sen. Patrick Moynihan wrote “The Dumbing Down of America” about two/three decades ago…no change, except for the worse.

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