NSA Deleting More Than 685M Call Records


The National Security Agency is deleting more than 685 million call records the government obtained since 2015 from telecommunication companies in connection with investigations, raising questions about the viability of the program.

The NSA’s bulk collection of call records was initially curtailed by Congress after former NSA contractor Edward Snowden leaked documents revealing extensive government surveillance.

The law, enacted in June 2015, said that going forward, the data would be retained by telecommunications companies, not the NSA, but that the intelligence agency could query the massive database.


Read more at NY POST.



  1. No, it was not obtained in connection with investigations but to illegally surveil and spy on the Trump campaign which was all supported by Obama and his corrupt regime.

      • Dear 5:45am, are you trying to say that wholesale spying on the American people is constitutional? Or are you trying to say that under Obama’s regime, IRS, FBI and other alphabet bureaucrats did not attack conservatives? Please look up denial of nonprofit status to tea party groups and blaming-Trump-for-Clinton’s-deeds “investigation”.

  2. It’s all over the news with loads of proof that CNN and other fake news are trying to cover up from the sheeple.

  3. Aha. So Verizon and AT&T are allowed to keep records?! They have more power than even our corrupt government? Interesting. When the government decides to go after a citizen, they can, wink wink, get all the info they need from the big telecom companies. In this way our biased corrupt DNC controlled government can fool the masses of sheeple that their hands are so clean & pure.


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