NSA ‘Probably’ Spies on Congress


nsaBig Brother watching Big Brother. According to Deputy Attorney General James Cole, the National Security Agency “probably” gathers phone records of Congressional lawmakers and staff.

Cole was grilled by members of Congress at a House Judiciary Committee hearing today and said that he was unaware of anything that “scrubbed out” Congressional numbers from the NSA’s data sweeps.

But don’t worry. Cole added that NSA officials aren’t allowed to look at the findings “unless we have reasonable, articulable suspicion that those numbers are related to a known terrorist threat.” Read more at The National Journal.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. that’s correct. you & I are no longer safe & have privacy or freedom. you are being watched as soon as you leave your house with google maps cameras & FBI cameras. welcome to the new communist USA.

    maybe if we remembered that Hashem is watching us 24/7, THEN perhaps Hashem wouldn’t need to send these shlucim as middlemen as a reminder that YOU can’t fool or runaway from Hashem. Remove yourself from Sedom/dishonesty & corruption before things get worse C”V

    Do teshuva today & Hashem will accept you back as his loving child.

    I am in the middle of doing teshuva now with tears & have been fasting for the past 3 days in a row. on behalf of YOU & klal yisroels, begging hashem to forgive klal yisroel for not waking up & doing teshuva together as a nation. theres only a little longer Hashem can wait

  2. I don’t think that any of the Gedolim would agree that it is correct to fast three days in a row. On the contrary.

    I think you should speak with your Rav, to make sure you are serving Hashem the way He wishes to be served.

  3. #1: If you’re bragging to the public about your fasting, it is worthless ga’avah, not chassidus.

    “theres only a little longer Hashem can wait”

    and when did you have this communication with Hashem? Did you see His countdown timer?


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