Noted Secular Israeli Author: Close Stores on Shabbos


amosoz“The Shabbat shouldn’t become a national day of shopping. Malls and shopping centers should remain closed on that day,” Israel Prize laureate and secular author Amos Oz stated during a conference in Caesarea this past weekend. Oz spoke at a conference organized by the Israel Democracy Institute and Tzohar Rabbis organization that was dedicated to discussing and formulating understandings between religious and secular Israelis on state and religion issues, most notably the matters of Shabbos and conversions.Oz, who opened the session on “The Israeli Shabbat,” started by describing what Shabbos was like in his kibbutz, CHulda, when he was growing up. “We didn’t have a shul, but we had a spiritual Shabbos, which has almost entirely disappeared from today’s secular Israel.

“The Israeli Shabbat nowadays is either a religious one in shuls or spent in shopping centers. I regret that,” the writer stated.

According to Oz, “Shabbat is the most beautiful gift that the culture of Israel has given the world. It is a different day dedicated not only to rest but mainly to spiritual and familial exultation. I hope that this gift will continue to accompany us always.”

However, Oz called to allow public transportation on Shabbos, saying that there shouldn’t be discrimination between those who own a car and those who don’t.

{Yair Israel}


  1. Interesting that this statement comes from Amos, the most read author in Israel. Could mean the heralding of the Moshiach is nearing…

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