Noted IDF Commander Meir Har-Zion Dies At 80


idf-commander-meir-har-zionLegendary Israel Defense Forces commander Meir Har-Zion, who was once dubbed by General Moshe Dayan as “the greatest Jewish warrior since Bar Kochba,” has died at 80.

Born in Herzliya in 1934, Har-Zion rose to fame in the 1950s as a leader in Israel’s first elite commando force, Unit 101, which was created by future Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to halt cross-border raids by Arab terrorists.

“In a short while, Har-Zion became the most daring fighter of Unit 101 and among the paratroopers, and also an excellent soldier, maybe the best the IDF has ever known,” Sharon wrote in his memoirs, according to Haaretz.

Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu in statement called Har-Zion “one of our greatest heroes,” and a man who “was steeped in love for the nation and the land.”


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  1. He also criticized his friend Sharon for giving up the Gaza strip. He was in favor of settling the entire West Bank. A true hero in every way.


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