Noted Author Gets Stopped for Unpaid Registration, Officer Drives His Son to Yeshiva


A noted author and journalist has a good story to write after his son was taken to yeshiva by a local police officer. Some might say that it’s a contemporary takeoff of Shmuel Kunda’s tale about Mayor Fiorella LaGuardia paying a nickel for the trolley for Heshy Himmelstein to go to yeshiva.

Writer Yisroel Besser of Montreal was stopped by a local policeman for unpaid registration and was told that his vehicle couldn’t be driven until the lapsed payment was settled.

Rabbi Besser, a contributing editor at Mishpacha Magazine, a bestselling author, and a columnist at Yated Ne’eman, told the officer that his son Yechiel had to somehow get to yeshiva.

“I took the ticket like a man,” Besser wrote online, “and asked Officer K Dumas, ‘Would you drive him to school?’ He took the challenge like a man and welcomed Yechiel to his police car and drove him to school. Classy job.”




  1. Well done R’ Sruli. You always seem to find the smile in every encounter. For those who don’t know, this is the most talented writer in the chareidi world.
    Keep up your amazing work!

  2. Pay the fine. I was not so lucky. They towed me so I had a fine, towing charge and storage fees, $613 believe it or not! It must of been a message from shomyim!!

  3. Usually in the USA at least one notice is sent for unpaid registration before car is impounded. Really impt to take care of these items!

  4. Very stupid and immature. What kind of lesson is he giving over to his child? That’s it’s ok not to pay for things that you are michuyav to? What an embarrassment for the child to have his Father exposed liked that. And then to top it off, you ask a police officer to drive your kid to school?! Is that what the taxpayers want? Are the police, because of your negligence, michuyav to drive your kid to school? Might as well stop supplying School buses and have the police drive everyone to school from now on. It must be a lot of fun. There is absolutely no sheichus to the Zaidy tape. Stop trying to spin this ridiculous story.

    • Easy. Some people are actually busy, and forget to pay a bill once in a while. Nobody said he was “right” for not paying. And yes, some people are humane and will do other people a favor; even a police officer. I’m sorry you can’t come to normal conclusions on your own, or is it that you just love bashing people?

    • Dear “very stupid and immature”, you are not michuyav to pay up all the arbitrary nickels and dimes to the gubmit – if you don’t, they’ll send out the goons with baseball bats, so you pay up. As opposed to being michuyav to be don every Yid lechaf zchus, such as this gentleman who may have had dozens of legitimate reasons why he didn’t pay on time.

  5. Woah, 1st amendment, take a deep breath! First of all, fear not as there is no bussing for kids in Montreal so you don’t have to worry about them cancelling it! Secondly Rabbi Besser lives about a 3 minute drive from his sons yeshiva (it just happens to be brutally cold in Montreal) so rest assured not too much of this officer’s time was wasted. As far as teaching his som a lesson? He showed his child that he was taking responsibility for his neglect by accepting the ticket without making a scene and then instead of, as many others would, waiting for the officer to leave and then driving his car again, he requested the officer drove his son as it was important to him that he be in school on time. I can assure the officer felt under no pressure to do so and if he would not have wanted to he would have said no.

  6. Hey, 1st ammen. Stop all the negatives. I think it’s a cute story. The son had a great time in the police car. That is what he will remember.

  7. #6, ever hear of judging one favorably? Do you ever make mistakes in life? Have you ever forgotten to pay a bill or an obligation? You have the nerve to publicly bash someone you have never met, have no idea of his circumstances or why he failed to pay his Registration. yet you go on a public forum and ridicule someone. Have you no shame? You are obligate to ask him mechilah otherwise you have forfeited all your share in the world to come

  8. Watched the video and loved and laughed that he called out to his son as the police cruiser back passenger door was closing “buckle up”. Too funny.


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