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matzav_networkWe are reposting this due to numerous emails and inquiries.‘s Video of the Day feature has been using an average of 400 GB of bandwidth per day, and a peak usage of 700-800 GB of bandwidth in a single day. While the news section is hosted on our own dedicated servers in our own data center, it was more cost effective to outsource the video hosting due to the amount of bandwidth it consumes.

However, we have outgrown the amount of traffic that our outsourced hosting company was able to accommodate. Most hosting companies cap the bandwidth usage for a month at less than the volume that was using in a single day.

We are presently negotiating with another video hosting provider and hope to reach an agreement soon, transferring over all our video files to that new server.

In keeping with‘s high standards, we made a decision at the onset not to host our Video of the Day videos – or any of the videos on our site – on the many popular free video platforms, such as YouTube, as many sites do. The reason for this is twofold.

Firstly, we cannot take any risks of having inappropriate advertisements appearing on our videos. Secondly, allowing access to those sites may direct one to browse the selections of other videos on those sites. Finally, we want our videos to be accessible by those who have strict filtering services which do not permit YouTube-type sites. We have thus chosen to incur the excessive cost of hosting the thousands of videos on our own domain.

We apologize for the inconvenience at the present time and hope to resolve this issue soon. We thank the many readers for the countless emails we received inquiring about the absence of the feature. Likewise, we thank all those who shared their suggestions and support.

Wishing you all a good Shabbos.

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  1. Kudos to you for keeping to the high standards. It is a great feature on the site, but certainly not worth compromising on hashkafos for. Keep up the good work.

  2. This should be posted in the comedy section of this website. Especially the part about “In keeping with’s high standards…”. Matzav has one mission: How can we convince our readership and the world at large that we represent “authentic daas Torah”.

  3. I love the matzav videos can’t wait to some random guy dancing in the street, or a guy running over a car, or maybe well get lucky and c some cool japanese trick!!!!

  4. Thank You Matzav for having the highest standards on the internet. It may not the best or perfect, but it is FAR better than ANY of the competition.

  5. makes no sense you can create html code and publish it on your site and it only uses up that little code there are hundreds of place where to store video and restricing access to the host site get yourself a better website advisor!

    MATZAV.COM EDITOR RESPONDS: This option would not help people who have filtered internet and have the source site and server blocked. For example, if you have your own private channel on Youtube or Vimeo, etc, it is still pulling the video from YouTube’s or Vimeo’s root server where it is hosted, and if the root is blocked, even if the private channel is open, those customers who have filtered internet would not be able to view them.

    Thank you for your comment. Your feedback is much appreciated.

  6. Thought something was wrong with my computer when i couldn’t c “video of the day”. Thanx so much for the kosher entertainment. Looking 4wrd 4 more!

  7. I have experience with this issue, I found that converting the videos to .flv flash files cuts the weight of the videos to less that half its original size.

  8. you can still store it on microsoft or google or other unrestricted websites that offer even free storage for personal photos and videos i doubt filters restrict yahoo google microsoft

  9. thanks so much for your site. I LOVE IT!! Thanks for the high standards, and good luck fixing the problem. CAN’T WAIT to have those videos back!

  10. Even went to my parents house to check if it happened to their computer too! Thanks so much for working on it-we really miss those videos! Also, please don’t delete all the old ones, we constantly go back to the old ones too-as you sure have some good ones!

  11. Can you post this as soon as you freeze the videos – instead of waiting until people start emailing?
    Thanks for ensuring that those of us who don’t have YouTube are not deprived of great kosher entertainment!

  12. wow mamesh amazed cant wait for you to get rollin again. only when you dont have it do you realize how much you really enjoyed the videos thank you and keep up your great work


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