Not That It Matters, But Hillary’s Popular Vote Lead Passes One Million Mark


One week after the 2016 general election, Hillary Clinton’s lead in the popular vote has passed the one million mark, Dave Wasserman of Cook Political Report reported.

While Donald Trump won the Electoral College on November 8th, securing his place as 45th president of the United States, as of Tuesday afternoon, Clinton’s popular-vote tally has now risen to 61,963,234 versus Trump’s 60,961,185. Votes are still being counted in California, Washington, and Utah, according to the Associated Press.


  1. who is this dave wasserman of cook political report? i hope he’s not related to that “blabbermouth” wasserman gal who got booted as DNC chairman. and even if he’s not related, i’m sure he’s a member of that rigged liberal media. i don’t trust him. i can’t imagine that lying, conniving, untrustworthy hillary would get a million more popular votes. something is wrong here. don’t believe everything you read. if i can be so bold as to request that Matzav “fact check” before they report something.

  2. This proves that this system is a good system. Why should big states like California and New York who have so many votes get to decide who the president should be? most of the states went for Trump

  3. Interesting trivia, but nothing more. Both candidates knew the rules going into the election and both campaigned to win by those rules.

    Of course if the rules were changed and the popular vote was what mattered (which is, IMO, the sensible thing to do), many more people would vote – right now New Yorkers already knew that the Democratic presidential candidate would take their state, regardless of how (or if) they voted.

  4. Big deal. It wasn’t a popular vote election. Hence millions of conservatives in overwhelmingly liberal states, such as NY and CA, knew that their votes wouldn’t matter and didn’t bother to vote. The election is based on the electoral college, not the popular vote. Why? A few reasons: 1)More states and more smaller population centers are empowered. In the popular vote scenario only the big population centers would matter. Therefore, all the political pandering would be aimed to please the big cities, to the detriment of the rest of the society. Imagine NY and LA dictate the fate of the rest of the US. 2)The US was formed as a union of free states. Not as a monolithic single state. Therefore it makes sense that each state will have a freedom to vote in a single fashion for who its majority wants as a President. Each state’s electroral power adjusted for the population proportion – i.e. electoral college. 3)Last but not least: it’s no secret that there are plenty of cases of voter fraud. Under the popular vote system, let’s say, ten thousand dead people’s votes, let’s say, in Chicago will cancel an equal number of legitimate votes, let’s say, in Texas. With the electoral college system, all fraud is localized in a given state – Illinois fraud, terrible as it might be, doesn’t affect who the other states are voting for. The popular vote system will allow to infect the rest of the country with the Chicago style political cheating.

  5. I for one live in NY and didn’t’t vote. If the results were based on the popular vote, of course I would’ve voted. Also, not all military votes were counted yet and they don’t bother unless it’ll make a difference at this point. I understand Hillary’s disappointment as she didn’t see it coming…but grow up and move on! You got away with your fraud crookedness for years..things eventually catch up on people, you not being an exception!

  6. Are these the boxes people are accidentally finding in their basements?? Look at where the lost votes are CA, WA, UT they don’t seem to be in the Dakotas, or Nebraska, or Texas, or, Georgia , or even Pennsylvania, but the ones that swing slightly blue, isn’t that interesting. I guess they are going to be counting votes for the next 4 years to prove the electoral college is corrupt, but wait when the shoe is on the other foot, wait and see they will be dancing in the street and say look how great this country is.


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