Not Such a Tzaddik: Trayvon Martin Had Been Suspended From School Three Times, Including for Drugs


trayvon-martinWhile activists, protesters and the parents of Trayvon Martin continue to push for his shooter’s arrest, more details are being learned of his suspensions and reported troubles at school.

The 17-year-old was suspended three times in a series of incidents that included getting caught spraying graffiti and carrying an empty baggie with traces of marijuana, according to a Miami-Dade Schools Police report obtained by the Miami Herald.

The report details an incident from October, when a school police investigator said he spotted Martin on a surveillance camera “hiding and being suspicious” in an unauthorized area at Krop High School.

The investigator later saw Martin mark a door with profanity, the report said. When the school cop searched Martin’s backpack the next day looking for the graffiti marker, he reported he found women’s jewelry and a screwdriver described as a “burglary tool,” the report said.

According to the report, the 12 pieces of jewelry included silver wedding bands, earrings with diamonds and a watch. The investigator asked about the jewelry and “Martin replied it’s not mine. A friend gave it to me,” the report said.

He declined to name the friend. The jewelry was impounded and photos of the pieces were sent to Miami-Dade police, but Martin was only suspended for the graffiti. No evidence was ever released that the jewelry was stolen.

“We have received several inquiries from media outlets regarding an incident that occurred on October 21, 2011, at Dr. Michael M. Krop High School involving Trayvon Martin,” Miami-Dade Police said in a statement released Tuesday. “At that time, the Miami-Dade Police Department (MDPD) was contacted by Miami-Dade Schools Police Department (MDSPD) to assist in identifying property found in Trayvon Martin’s possession. Our records yielded negative results and MDSPD was advised of such findings.”

Four months after the October incident, Martin was suspended after he was caught with the empty baggie with traces of marijuana in it, the report said. A “marijuana pipe” was also found on the teen, the report said. A family spokesperson confirmed the marijuana baggie suspension Monday.

Martin’s third suspension was for tardiness and truancy, his family said Monday.

The family’s attorney, Benjamin Crump, confirmed the graffiti suspension but said they knew nothing about the jewelry and the screwdriver and called it “irrelevant” and an attempt to “demonize” the teen.

Martin’s mother, Sybrina Fulton, blamed police for leaking the marijuana information.

“They killed my son and now they’re trying to kill his reputation,” Fulton said.

Martin was shot and killed by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman on Feb. 26 in Sanford.

Martin was visiting with his father at his father’s girlfriend’s home in a gated community and had gone to buy a bag of Skittles and iced tea at a nearby convenience store and was walking back when the shooting happened.

Though Martin was unarmed, Zimmerman told police the shooting was self-defense, and no charges have been filed in the case.

Earlier Monday, it was revealed by authorities that Zimmerman told police the teen had punched him in the face and knocked him to the ground then climbed on top of him and slammed his head into the sidewalk several times.

Zimmerman told police he had turned around and was walking back to his SUV when Martin approached him from behind and the two got into a verbal altercation, according to the Orlando Sentinel report.

Martin asked Zimmerman if he had a problem and Zimmerman said no and reached for his phone, he told police, according to the report.

“Well, you do now,” Martin said, according to Zimmerman, before he threw the first punch, the Sentinel report said.

Martin punched Zimmerman in the nose and began beating him on the ground, leaving him bloodied and battered, authorities said, according to the report.

Zimmerman told police he began yelling for help, though Crump and witnesses say it was Martin that was yelling for help.

The shooting has led to marches and rallies in South Florida and across the country, as the family and activists push for Zimmerman’s arrest.

The U.S. Justice Department and FBI are investigating the shooting, and last week Lee, the police chief, announced he was temporarily stepping down during the investigation into the shooting.

{NBC Miami/ Newscenter}


  1. #1: You took the words from my mouth!
    Besides, he is a tzadik, for one reason only- the color of his skin!!!
    Had it been the opposite, a white victim and colored cop, everything would be different, but why state the obvious?

  2. Of coursae the liberal media won’t report this. they are on a campaign here
    and obama looks like a big fool

  3. Three questions:

    1. The police despatcher told Mr. Zimmerman NOT to follow the boy. He did anyway, to the point that the young man told his friend on his cell “Why is he following me?” and was obviously nervous. Is Mr. Zimmerman possibly guilty of menacing or stalking?

    2. None of the incidents in the young man’s past – confirmed and unconfirmed – are violent crimes. Marijuana use is so widespread among young (and not so young) people today that it hardly means more than being caught with a beer. Before accepting Mr. Zimmerman’s story at face value I would like to see some corroborating evidence – and an investigation by a neutral authority.

    3. The despatcher told Mr. Zimmerman “We don’t need you to do that.” Could the despatcher have been more forceful? Does the fact that Mr. Zimmerman was in contact with the police during the incident make the city liable for possible damages if the parents sue for wrongful death? The city definitely has a dog in this fight – if the police department can be proved negligent in its supervision of Mr. Zimmerman (and it looks like it was) could they stand to lose money and reputatioj? An issue of noge’a b’davar, if you need it spelled out.

    Lots of questions – as yet few answers.

  4. And believe me, if the victim had been white and Mr. Zimmerman black, Mr. Zimmerman would have gone straight to jail. Sanford isn’t Miami. It’s part of the “real” South and fifty years ago the shooter wouldn’t even have made it to trial – he would have been lynched.

    Speaking of lynching, anybody ever hear of Leo Frank a”h? He was lynched by a mob in Georgia after being _acquitted_ of murdering a white girl back around 1906 or so. The investigatins of police in small Southern towns where blacks (or Jews) are concerned are still not quite trustworthy. When history isn’t so far in the past, it makes one a little bit cautious.

  5. all of this is irrelevant…the only question that matters is whether or not Zimmerman was justifiably felt threatened to the point that he was warranted in using lethal force. All evidence thus far points to no, all these skin-deep prejudicial facts matter little.

  6. Reb old timer
    Your right. He only was caught 3 times with drugs and arrested for burglary. So if you do the math in police Lingo. You multiply by 5. That’s how many times he did those crimes. So you can still be “DAN L”CHAF ZCHUS. So you can still be proud of him and his G-D fathers Obama Sharpton Farrakan. And Jackson and the rest the Chayos Raos Hamishragshos Uvo os Leolam

  7. My children, whatever the color of their skin and whatever their clothing, are gentle, they stop whenever told to, they respect authority, and they read while they walk.

  8. #14 – Please check your facts. According to the State of Florida Martin did not have any juvenile criminal record. He was NOT “arrested for burglary.” When a school official searched his backpack for a graffiti marker he found some women’s jewelry and a screwdriver which he interpreted as a “burglary tool.” The police did NOT arrest Martin, in fact they did not follow up with charges at all, especially since the jewelry did NOT correspond to any known thefts. So.

    NO arrests, for burglary or otherwise. NO record of violence.

    1. Possession of an empty marijuana bag – like many, many other kids – black, white and other – who get suspended in this country every year.

    2. Scrawling graffiti on a bathroom door.

    Mayim, please do your homework and get your facts straight. This case is all over the web and the papers. Can’t you at least read the stories? Or are you getting your info third hand or from talk radio? Try reading – paper or screen or iPhone – but at least find out what’s actually being reported.

    BTW, Mr. Zimmerman DOES have an arrest record, so by your logic that makes HIM guilty.

  9. Oh, by the way, I forgot about the third suspension. He was suspended for tardiness- being chronically late. A really serious, violent offense. 🙂

  10. #2
    Zimmerman was not a “white cop” nor ANY kind of cop. He was just a Joe Shmo who made up his own, not even registered, “neighborhood watch”. He had no right to follow or question anybody and was told by the police dispatcher not to follow Martin.

  11. So exactly which of these kids crimes where a capital offense? It sounds like he got in trouble because he “stood his ground” when some strange adult was following him.

    I suspect that there isn’t enough evidence to convict his killer, too much is ambiguous. Nevertheless it certainly seems like some vigilante inclined adult escalated a very possibly benign situation into a violent one.

  12. Enough with the racism. I’m not saying that he was a tzadik ot not. But let’s wait for all the facts to come out before we jump to conclusions. And that goes for both sides of the debate

  13. This man was not shot because he had been suspended from school. Get over your racism and please show some respect and hakaras hatov to a government that has long been a good to Jews.

  14. @Oldtimer – Thank You. I was beginning to think that we really were bias.

    In Florida, a young man was walking home from the store, was followed by an unknown assailant, then chased through the neighborhood.

    What if that young man had “stood his ground”, which is his right under Florida Law, and used deadly force to defend himself. I think he would have been arrested and charged with manslaughter.

  15. also…
    I don’t like the President. I am appalled at the level of lashon harah about Obama here.

    Or Maybe you think it’s ok because he’s an aino Yehudi

  16. @30, agreed 100%!

    The blatant trolling and race-baiting when it comes to the president is deplorable. There are plenty of ways to express disappointment or distaste with the president and his policies without falling back on racism.

  17. As an update, ABC News (check its site) says that multiple sources have told it that the lead homicide investigator in the case originally wanted to press manslaughter charges because he doubted Mr. Zimmerman’s story, but the prosecutor’s office told him not to because they “didn’t think they could get enough evidence for conviction.” Another problem is that the initial investigator was not a homicide detective but a narcotics officer – strange, to say the least. I wonder whether they did any sort of crime scene investigation, and if any sort of examination was made of Martin’s body. Somebody evidently wasn’t doing a very thorough job here, when a question of a homicide – justified or not -was involved.

    More and more interesting. My theory is that the city government of Sanford is covering this up because they could be sued for not doing their “due diligence” in allowing someone with an arrest record and a documented tendency for over-zealousness to run a neighborhood watch group, and for the 911 despatcher for not exerting more pressure on Mr. Zimmerman to stop following Martin.

    It’s getting more and more important for an independent investigator to do a complete job here. I’d like to see everybody involved under oath in front of a grand jury. There are just too many unanswered questions.

  18. “allowing someone with an arrest record and a documented tendency for over-zealousness to run a neighborhood watch group”

    Hmmm. I haven’t seen this but if it is the case then for some sad sad reason they guy who killed a minor who he had been told not to follow has an “arrest record” and the article is about the victim not being a “tzadik”!!!

    Liberals or no Liberals, it is one thing to cross the street when someone looks “suspicious”, it is one thing to “stand your ground”, it is another thing entirely to kill someone you’ve been following (harassing) and call it self defense. Maybe, just maybe, he really was defending himself….but it sure seems like the guy who killed a 17 year old isn’t “such a tzadik”.


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