Norquist Loves Deal: Obama “Big Loser”


grover-norquistGrover Norquist says the debt ceiling deal has his blessing. Norquist, who heads the powerful anti-tax group Americans for Tax Reform, tells Newsmax that congressional members who signed his group’s “pledge” promising never to vote for a tax increase can vote for this deal.

“The deal proved that we can cut spending without trading away tax hikes,” Norquist says.

He adds that the deal is no passing congressional fad, but a milestone in Capitol Hill thinking about spending and taxes.

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“The deal set a new precedent: Never again will the debt ceiling be raised without a similarly sized spending cut being attached,” he tells Newsmax.

The big loser in the deal?

Norquist declares unequivocally that Obama wins that title.

“Obama’s internal polling must scare the heck out of him,” Norquist says. “He caved on the key Republican demands: no tax hike, spending cuts equal to the debt ceiling increase.”

{Newsmax/ Newscenter}


  1. Comment #1 beat me to it.

    Also, to say that this is a defeat for Obama is to assume that his primary objective is the scoring of political points and being re-elected. I believe, however, that much as Obama would like those, they are secondary to protecting the interests of the corporate-military elite. They are the ones, after all, who were really behind his election. (Same for every president and nearly all other presidents and members of congress. Follow the money.) The Republicans are the “bad cops” who allow President Obama to play the role of the “good cop”, thereby fulfilling his gatekeeper position.

    I would like to present the words of Independent Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont on this deficit-reduction deal. Spoken on the floor of the Senate back on July 20th, they are at least as relevant now:

    “They [the Republicans] have stood firm in their desire to represent the wealthy and the powerful and multinational corporations. They have threatened. They have been very smart in a number of ways. They have been determined. And at the end of the day, they will get 80 or 90 percent of what they want. That is their victory, and I congratulate them on their victory. Unfortunately, their victory will be a disaster for working families in this country, for the elderly, for the sick, for the children, and for low-income people.”

    I heard that sound byte on the daily program Democracy Now!, whose web site I copied the transcript from

    From the news as well as web searches I did on Google, it did not appear as if these words of truth-to-power were covered by any of the mainstream (corporate) media outlets. Not even NPR or PBS (both corporate- lite).

    Here is a piece by Senator Sanders in which he elaborates on his position:

    And here is a YouTube video, posted to Sen. Sanders’ web site yesterday (Aug. 1):
    “Immoral, Grotesque, Unfair”: Senator Sanders Announces That he Will Vote ‘No’ on the Deficit-Reduction Plan:

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