NOPE: Israel Rejects Ugandan Converts


The Conservative movement is reeling at an unprecedented decision of the Interior Ministry to reject Uganda’s 2,000-strong Abayudaya community that was converted under Conservative auspices, JTA reported.

The Israeli Conservative movement’s Rabbinical Assembly plans to convene an emergency hearing of the Knesset Committee for Immigration, Absorption and Diaspora Affairs and submit an appeal to the Supreme Court if the government fails to respond.

Julie Schonfeld said her movement was “shocked and extremely outraged” at the “unlawful” decision, which was “completely inconsistent with more than two decades of Israeli practice of Conservative converts… who had been recognized as Jewish for the purposes of the Law of Return.” She planned to “use all means at our disposal to see that this is reversed,” she said.

The ministry decision contradicts the Jewish Agency’s 2016 decision to recognize the communit.

{ Israel}


  1. Reform & Conservative (R & C) practices are not Jewish practices. They (R & C) don’t even have the same beliefs as we do. They don’t believe that Hashem created (authored) and gave us the Torah and many of those R & C cult leaders don’t even believe in the existence of Hashem. They (R & C) are both non Jewish cults.

    • Sure, but our enemies hate them just the same. Which I think is the rationale for offering “law of return” to Non Jews who have no desire to convert, but who e.g. have a Jewish father.

      • jewish father only is as non jew, gentile as can be. no ifs and buts. because
        hitl…or any other dictator persecuted them does not make them one iota jewish

  2. Well said.
    Rabbi Avigdor Miller ztl in fact pointed out that the Ethiopians as well are not Jews. The secular israeli government declared them Jews as to be politically correct and please America’s liberal secular Jews. Now they can say Jews are black too. Unless they as individuals convert to Judaism according to Halacha they are not Jews. In many major israeli cities it looks like New York and Chicago. Jews born of our forefathers were never black.


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