Noam Shalit: Gilad Will Not Be Giving Interviews


gilad-shalit3“We’re doing alright, everyone is alright,” said Yoal, brother of released IDF soldier Gilad Shalit.  Not long afterwards, Gilad was spotted riding his bicycle accompanied by an IDF official. Noam Shalit told reporters that for the time being his son Gilad will not be talking to the media.

“He is still a soldier so that’s why he will not be giving any interviews,” said Noam, who  father remarked that Gilad is feeling better and enjoyed his bike ride, but added that “there is still time” until her recovers.

After nearly five and a half years, Gilad Shalit and his family celebrated Simchas Torah together on Wednesday evening in their Mitzpe Hila home. Gilad’s grandparents, Zvi and Yael Shalit, arrived at the family home, carrying a bouquet of flowers intended for their grandson.

The couple refused to comment but Yael waved at Israelis standing near the entrance to the Shalits’ street as she excitedly remarked: “I’m Gilad Shalit’s grandmother.”

On Wednesday, Gilad woke up in his home for the first time in five and a half years. He was later seen leaving the house for a short stroll outside, accompanied by his mother Aviva. He was wearing a black T-shirt, sunglasses and baseball cap with an IDF sign on it and had a big smile on his face. Friends reported he was in a good mood and even spoke with some of his neighbors.

{Yair Israel}


  1. todah, thankyou Gilad Shalit, for holding on, as our IDF who protect eretz yisroel, the home of our makomot kadoshim, and our own precious Jews, land of our forefathers, land that is promised to us for the bais hamikdosh shlishi.
    todah gilad shalit, and have only revealed good….ha tov, ha nirah ve ha niglah. we are very fortunate that you are part of Am Yisroel.


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