No Toilets At New 9/11 Memorial Site


ground-zero-freedom-towerMillions of visitors will be headed to the new 9/11 memorial set to open soon at Ground Zero, but if you drink something before hand, you may have to hold it.

There are no toilets at the $580 million memorial site which officially opens September 10 and city hall officials say there are no plans to haul in porta-potties.

Officials say bathrooms were intentionally left out of the memorial plans and say the adjacent museum will be equipped with toilets, but that isn’t scheduled to open until next year.

Some New Yorkers say they’re more surprised than offended the memorial will not have bathrooms for at least the first year it’s open.

“It seems trivial, but it probably won’t be,” said one man. “It will probably cause some people some grief.”

The lack of facilities could also be a problem for local schools. A Jersey City teacher told 1010 WINS’ Glenn Schuck that without bathrooms on site, public schools will not be able to go on field trips to the memorial.

In the meantime, the nearest bathrooms are in the Century 21 department store where management say they’re bracing for a flood of short-term visitors.

{1010 WINS/ Newscenter}



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