No Surprise: NY Times Editorial Questions Israel Response To Rocket Barrage


ny-timesThe following is an editorial in the New York Times, demonstrating the newspapers usual anti-Israel bias:

No country should have to endure the rocket attacks that Israel has endured from militants in Gaza, most recently over the past four days. The question is how to stop them permanently.

On Wednesday, Israel launched one of the most ferocious assaults on Gaza since its invasion four years ago. At least 20 targets were struck and a Hamas military commander, Ahmed al-Jabari, was killed. Israeli leaders also threatened another ground war.

Hamas has controlled Gaza since Israel withdrew in 2007. The group has mostly adhered to an informal cease-fire with Israel after the war there in the winter of 2008-09. But, in recent months, Hamas has claimed responsibility for participating in rocket firings, and last week it took credit for detonating a tunnel packed with explosives along the Israel-Gaza border while Israeli soldiers were working nearby.

Israel has a right to defend itself, but it’s hard to see how Wednesday’s operation could be the most effective way of advancing its long-term interests. It has provoked new waves of condemnation against Israel in Arab countries, including Egypt, whose cooperation is needed to enforce the 1979 peace treaty and support stability in Sinai.

The action also threatens to divert attention from what Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly described as Israel’s biggest security threat: Iran’s nuclear program.

Engaging in a full-scale ground war is especially risky. Israel’s last major military campaign in Gaza was a three-week blitz in 2008-09 that killed as many as 1,400 Palestinians, and it was widely condemned internationally. It did not solve the problem. Hamas remains in control in Gaza and has amassed even more missiles.

Read more of this “editorial” at the New York Times.

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  1. This will not be resolved the world oonly wakes up when Israel responds then the world”worry”about “civilian “casualties” and rush to condemn “Israeli aggression”

  2. WHO CARES? the NY TIMES is obselete in the eyes of Torah Jewry for years already.

    Yidden in Eretz Yisroel are in a true “ES TZRAH”, the need for tefillohs, ahavas yisroel and zecusim is needed. A direct hit on a home in southern Israel has resulted in 3 deaths and many injuries.

  3. If the NY Times plant was continuously pelted by vandals, would they call the police? Would they insist on arrests and punishment? If the answer is “no,” then their editorial is justified. However, if their answer is “yes,” then they are blatantly hypocritical.

  4. “Israel has a right to defend itself, but it’s hard to see how…..”

    and the answer is…..

    by blowing them off the map..


  5. reading the full editorial on NYT it sounds like a collection of random rantings that are lacking a logical thread connecting them. The empirical evidence is clear, killing terrorist leaders dramatically reduces terrorist activity (once their knee jerk reaction of lobbing rockets runs its course). This is because their leaders aren’t really leaders, they are cowards that are in it for money and power and prestige and care much more about protecting their own #$% than their “cause”. Remember that before Israel ratcheted up these executions that yidden were being blown up on buses regularly. BE”h we will continue being smart about this and turn it up so that the message is as clear as can be to the murderous chayes.
    The shame is that we don’t kill more of them more regularly.

  6. It is interesting that everyone is interested in not “hurting” the relationship with Egypt, “whose cooperation is needed to enforce the 1979 peace treaty and support stability in Sinai.”
    If it were NOT for Egypt’s helping Hamas to get weapons “smuggled” into Gaza, how would Hamas get all those bombs and missiles? Isn’t Egypt responsible for what happens from its territory?
    I would NOT be so concerned with Egypt’s “help”.


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