No Snow Days at The Special Children’s Center


Plummeting temperatures, rain, sleet, and snow! School closures… we are all snowbound!

Yet, the Special Children’s Center in both Lakewood and Brooklyn are up and running today.

The Centers’ doors are open, more importantly, their hearts are open to the children with special needs.

Special Children need special love.

The Center Runs On Love.

The Special Children’s Center provides around the clock care for children with special needs and their families. They currently service over 400 children combined in Lakewood and Brooklyn. Parents of children with special needs face the challenge of dividing their time and attention between the special child and his siblings, especially at times when there is no school, when all are vying for their parents’ attention. The Special Children’s Center alleviates this overwhelming burden while providing the children with a warm, nurturing, and productive environment.

The Centers’ Love Runs Deep, no matter how many inches may fall!

Join us! Step up to the challenge. Run with your heart! The Center Run Registration opens March 2017.

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