NO RESPECT: Palestinians Continue to Harm Har Habayis Antiquities


In 2004, Israel’s High Court of Justice ruled in favor of a petition filed by a Jewish group to protect Har Habayis antiquities in Yerushalayim. The Committee for the Prevention of Destruction of Antiquities on the Har Habayis sought to prevent the removal by the Islamic Wakf of some 3,000 tons of dirt and rubble rich in archaeological findings from the Mount.

Yisroel Hayom reports that the destruction on the Har Habayis continues unabated. The Palestinians are destroying history under Israel’s nose.

In 1999, the Palestinians, using a fleet of 400 trucks, removed excavated dirt from the Har Habayis in the dead of night. Thousands of volunteers have since sifted through that rubble, turning up about half a million tiny finds from the First and Second Bais Hamikdosh eras.

During this year’s month of Ramadan, Yisroel Hayom reports, hundreds of Muslims brought up piles of rubble from the excavation of Solomon’s Stables 20 years ago, which the High Court ruled could not be removed from the Har Habayis, and started to pick through it, removing stones to use to build terraces. Only the alertness of the members of the Committee for the Prevention of Destruction of Antiquities stopped the Waqf in its tracks.

The police have now set up a lookout on top of the Golden Gate from which they can observe the mounds of rubble. The Waqf demands that the observation post be removed, claiming that it violated the status quo.

{ Israel}


  1. who are they to talk about the status quo? removing earth from the har habayis is violating a several thousand year status zuo

  2. Hah. These animals are just doing the work for us, clearing the area for the Third Beis Hamikdash, TvTBB”A.

  3. Also by digging around and under the mount makes the top surface weak and with few good quakes as Israel is getting can weaken the top and eventually come down. It doesn’t sound like the people that are digging all that up know too much about buildings, structures, etc. to do such foolish things to make the mount unstable.


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