No One Injured in Latest Shooting Incident Near Ofra


In the second incident of its kind in a week, shots were fired at a hitchhiking post near the West Bank settlement of Ofra. Several Israelis were present at the site, though no one was wounded.

The shots reportedly came from the direction of the nearby Palestinian village of Ein Yabrud and IDF forces at the scene returned fire.

Due to the recent spike in terror attacks in the West Bank, emergency services and security forces were on alert and arrived at the scene in large numbers almost immediately.

Two witnesses to the incident, Omer Mozes and Aviad Ochion, told Mako, “We were standing at the hitchhiking post by the exit from Ofra in the direction of Neve Tzuf, and then shots began from the village. The minute we heard the shots, we laid on the ground behind the soldiers until there started to be a lot of shots, then more soldiers arrived who told us to follow them.”

Last week, at the same location, a 30-week pregnant Israeli woman was severely wounded, and her baby who was delivered prematurely via an emergency cesarean section died several days later.

The Algemeiner   (c) 2018 .         Benjamin Kerstein



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